Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Amazing Unpredictability


“Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.”
~Celtic Proverb~

There is something magical about unpredictability; that good or bad habit admired by some and hated by others.

As a teen, I remember my parents planning and predicting my future; high school graduation, college, walking down the aisle, and finally adding some souls to the family. Nothing turned out like they wanted. My father worked more than seven decades; making sure he would have a solid retirement fund that would allow him to enjoy life. A couple of years after leaving the workforce, his health started breaking down. Yes, he was financially stable but could enjoy as he would have wanted.

 As a mother, and following what my parents had taught me, I started a college fund for my children. None of them used it. They had their own plans, a different view of what life really is.

I have had many critics of my unpredictability although I have directed them to research supporting the advantages of it. They have taken it as a joke.  I don’t see it as a flaw but as a healthy inclination of following my instincts. If it doesn’t feel good in my guts, I don’t do it. It has worked for me ninety-five percent of the time. It is not a "go with the flow" but a "listen to your inner voice" lifestyle." Aren't we supposed to know ourselves better than anybody else? Well, then we should be paying attention. 

Sometimes we are afraid of saying no. We have the tendency of following the same path our parents walked through. We feel the need to be loved, accepted, and even celebrated, even if that means being who we are not and doing the opposite of the mainstream.

As I keep living I keep learning that…

1.       The best moment is now.
2.       It is good to save for rainy days but, better one good thing we did than two we never dared.
3.       The best inheritance to our children is our love, support, and the help we provide while we are here.
4. They will learn to admire and respect you for who you are.
5.       It is not selfish to enjoy our lives how and when we want to.
6.       No matter what others might think, we are always allowed to follow our heart and passionately seek life. There's no age limit for that. 

In the end, everything we truly desire will be found in our lives and we will be one with them; no need for excessive planning or lacking of living. 

What is your instinct telling you today? I hope you are listening. 


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