Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Can We Turn the Wheel?


Last night I had one of those “conversational” dreams. I remember the images, but words have vanished; just the weird feeling of shadows brewing remains. Then I stepped out to the yard where I drink my coffee every morning. A deer, cardinal, and blue jay appeared at the same time; dancing to their own rhythm, just there in peace in their world.

Deer are messengers of beauty; arts, poetry, and music. They lead the fairy realm where everything is possible. They call on us to seek out our inner treasures. Blue jays present us with the gift of gab. They urge us to speak our truth, to be fearless when we do, and to honor our bonds with loyalty and patience. The majestic cardinals remind us to hold ourselves with pride but not from the ego. They tell us about our grace and nobility and teach us to love life seeking happiness regardless of our circumstances.

It seems like everything around us is falling apart; social unrest, personal instability, race issues raising from the grave, nations against nations. The earth is shaking and shifting. It is pulling us to shake and shift with it. The Divine is speaking to us through nature. It is telling us that in the midst of apparent chaos everything is possible if we step inside where our true being resides. We have a little box filled with precious jewels. It is time to find it and share our gifts with the world. The time has come to speak up and stand tall as a universal community, to burn down the bridges keeping us apart rebuilding one where we could all walk in harmony spreading grace and happiness; to recover our nature which is not hate but love and understanding.

Written words, old beliefs, indoctrination, and manipulation have been the tools used to control the masses. Truth has been adapted to what is convenient to those claiming to have all the answers. Life has shown me that she has her ways to stir us up.  I choose to begin my day following the call of nature. I chose to walk by faith but not blind; to be faithful to who I am, and to speak my truth even if it is casted as an act of disobedience.

A blind can’t lead a blind, but that’s how we have chosen to live in the past.  The consequences are all around us. What would happen if we let love lead us then; unselfish, unconditional, understanding, respectful of differences, and welcoming of what makes us one?  Hopefully, this is not just wishful thinking. 


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Adultery by Paulo Coelho

AdulteryAdultery by Paulo Coelho
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