Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Good Omen of the Glass: Welcome 2015

So as the story goes this morning I was in the kitchen peeling a fresh pomegranate while battling the mind. You know, the mind is always murmuring even when you think you have gained the power of concentration. I wasn't exactly thinking about New Year resolutions like many out there. I stopped having those many years ago after deciding to embrace each new day with the intention of making it the best and welcoming life as it is on a daily basis. Instead, I was trying to figure out my upcoming challenge: for the first time a 21 days fasting. 

Then I heard a loud noise behind me. A glass on the counter had found its way to the edge crashing on the tiled floor. It didn't break, not even a bruise.

I have the tendency of deep thinking when things like that happen. I begin speaking to invisible friends and questioning the message; the why’s and how’s of a glass sitting on a counter nowhere close to the border, falling, and not cracking. I stood still looking at it for a few seconds.

Sometimes we wish and pray for what we think would be good for us without thinking about the outcomes. Many times those wishes don’t come true and we resent it or feel frustrated. As time goes by we realize that those unfulfilled wishes were a blessing in disguise.

With every New Year we are filled with hopes and dreams. We know there will be good times as well as cloudy and challenging days. There’s nothing we can really do to prepare for the unexpected but to stand strong in our faith and values. Just like the glass, we must realize how strong we are. No matter the circumstances we must believe in our capacity to withstand the rain. It’s about learning how to dance in the storm grounded in trust and believing that God, life, the Divine has a better plan for us.

This will be a year of change and abundance, a make it or break it. Like the glass we must stand strong knowing that nothing can break us because we are made for so much more!

May you all find peace and compassion in your hearts. May abundance showers your house and love surrounds you and strengthens your path every day this upcoming year. May you never forget to live a colorful life! 

Happy 2015 my friends! 


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Adultery by Paulo Coelho

AdulteryAdultery by Paulo Coelho
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