Monday, October 20, 2014

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Living and Loving Our Imperfections

You know how it goes.

Day in and out flashing billboards of repeats; perfect bodies, highly remunerated careers, fancy homes in all inclusive subdivisions, and the luxury car with Bluetooth, satellite, and GPS to help us not getting lost. In order to attain all this we need to be the prime example of the perfect human being always following the rules that would assure us a place in the tribe. We must go to college and study one of those high end careers - even if that’s not what we want. The diploma would lead to a good check (things have changed these days) that would allow us to get the fancy home, and the luxury car. Our neighbors would look at us thinking that we got it made. Of course, they should know after having experienced the same. 

Well, have you thought about changing tribes? 

Now here comes Mr. or Miss X, the non-conformists (still discredited by the mainstream-the dreamers and cuckoos’).  They don’t really care about what Mr. or Miss Perfect thinks is needed to have a good life. They live through their passions, follow their instincts, have realized that life is not measured by possessions but by how much it is enjoyed and fully embraced with all its ups and lows. They walk through the day embracing what is, sharing their gifts, learning from the givers, feeling amazed by everyday miracles. They look at their imperfect life and human limitations and love them regardless for they have learned to celebrate and act as co-creators of the life of their dreams.

It is all about approval. Humans crave other people approval. Our mind is constantly playing the same song, “Unless I improve, make myself better, bordering on perfect, I will continue to live outside the circle of welcome and approval.” How do you build your self loving your flaws?  For starters, what about this? 

1.      Stop showing the world the image they have made of you. Show them your real amazing self. Believe me they will love it!

2.      Your main objective should not be so much about self-improvement but to cultivate a close relationship with life; yours, and filling your heart with acceptance and compassion.

3.      Every day get in the habit of welcoming all of who you are; strengths and wounds included.

We didn't come here to be perfect. Don’t blame or punch yourself; stop being so hard on you. Rather than spending your lifetime trying to get it right and fit in, feel the holy, step into the widest, go for your dream, and dare to live the life you have dreamed of. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

What Makes a House a Home


Often times I like to go back. This good or bad habit helps me center; like a reality check, a review of where I've been and where I am in the now. Yesterday was one of those days. Early in the morning I jumped in the car and started driving. In the middle of the highway I decided to visit the places I've called home at certain points of my journey since I moved here. I went from the very first apartment I rented in 1997 to the structure I am dwelling these days.

You might say, well they are just buildings, divided into small or big cubicles where we have the tendency to store too much stuff; temporary settlements with a transitory purpose. Yes, but each one of them has a story, the one we write within those walls. They represent our baby steps, fears, insights, courage, and determination. For me, they witnessed the transformation of my children and the growth of a woman decided to change her story.

From the first one to the last, by the end of the day I realized that it is not about the brick or wood that shelters us but what we bring to them.

1.       Letting go: each of them reflected who we were at the time; our have's and have not’s.  From the semi-emptied – two beds, a couch, and one TV- to the one with the walls covered with memories where each one of us had a sacred space to go to. With each move we learned to let go and start fresh only carrying with us what was important; us.

2.       Making it a refuge: each one of these places was our retreat, the place we ran to find peace, express our creativity, enjoy our joys and tears; the place where we felt free.

3.       Sharing it: through the years we shared these places with people we love. No house is a home if we can’t share it with those we care for.

4.       Creating memories: We wrote our lines; the first Christmas far from home, the first visit from the family, the fireplace with marshmallows, the snow fights, birthdays, births, and farewells.

This is what builds a home. It is said that home is where the heart is and that life continuously changes. Our hearts have had many dwellings. We furnished each place with memories, love, friends, trust, and growth.

Mother Teresa said that love begins at home and, it is not how much we do, but how much love we put in that action. That was my insight. Over the last eighteen years these places have witnessed  our strongest foundation; love, and that is were home is. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why Not Settle for an Ordinary Life?


These are the kind of news that doesn't make the big headlines. An officer in Michigan pulling over a mother for a traffic violation noticed that her daughter was not in a car seat as the law requires, not because she was acting irresponsibly but because she couldn't afford it. Instead of a ticket, he bought her the car seat she needed; a small act of kindness.

For a while I thought about it. My thoughts took me back to my grandfather. All his life he held humble jobs; security guard, painter, and maintenance supervisor. For many his life was ordinary, nothing noticeable or worth of the first pages in the newspapers. Behind the curtains, he would help those in need; total strangers. He would spend his days planting crops that he would later share with the neighbors. He was always present for his family and friends and his smile was his trademark for hope. He found the way to turn the ordinary into extraordinary by allowing life to flow though him, taking advantage of every opportunity to make a difference.

Just like this officer my grandfather found the way to understand human nature and its struggles. Instead of judging or penalizing sitting back as an observer, he would take action. He was part of the solution instead of adding to the problem.

We all wish to leave a legacy of goodness. We all want to be remembered but there’s no need to cross the oceans to leave our mark. This was the insight from this story. Why don’t we start by doing good deeds at home? Why are we waiting for the opportunity to shine when we can shed light every day with small actions? All around us there are people in need; the neighbor struggling to bring bread to the table, co-workers, strangers begging outside the grocery store, our own relatives. Every day we are given the opportunity to help and make a difference.

Each of us has a gift we can’t block. That is our legacy to the world. Sometimes we can’t understand what it is but it is there. Life calls us all the time and in many ways. It is our duty to stay open to its calling. Our everyday small deeds can make a huge difference. This is how we turn what for many is an ordinary life into an extraordinary existence. That is our true calling.

“Life is calling to one step. No preparation just a leap of faith. So be transformed by the falling. Start as who you think you are and find joyous, dancing water.” ~ Kelly Moore~ 

Friday, October 3, 2014

How Are You Honoring Your Hours?

Fall is the season of colorful reds, oranges, and antique yellows; when days grow shorter and nights endless. It reminds us that the time to rest is approaching, opening our personal cocoon where we will lay to find ourselves once more.

In a world where we are constantly pushed to do more, achieve more, and be more, how often do we stop to just be? As days goes by, we lose track of the hours forgetting to honor what has been given to us.

Are you giving yourself the time and space you deserve to renew that you inside?  Are you paying attention to life’s daily cycles?

·         Blossom at dawn; take some time to enjoy your first morning breath with the intention of making everything possible.

·         In your hour of fullness, cherish the noon time. Ignite your inner fire. Use your unique talents to craft your life’s work and make it meaningful.

·         At night, be grateful for silence and stillness, ground into the present moment, where you are given the gift of awareness and reflection.

With every season, with every day we begin a different pilgrimage. Face it with joy and gratefulness. Give yourself the gift of stopping, honoring your steps, and making each day a ritual of remembrance.

To live out loud, live every day in the question. Affirm the possibilities rather than declaring negativity. Honor your personal seasons. After the leaves have fallen we always return…


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