Wednesday, July 23, 2014

30,000 Feet to Think

This is the time of advanced communication, at least technologically speaking, where you can be at 30,000 feet above ground and still get in touch with the earthlings below. That is what I am doing as...we speak? Things have changed and if we think about it, most of those changes have been of our own devise. So, while I enjoy some of the perks of the 21st. Century while traveling to my home country after almost three years, I can't but to think about all the things we have dreamed of, created with our minds and intentions. I wonder how would it be to use that same powerful focused intention to create a strong bond that would help us come together and work hand in hand to solve some of the most urgent issues we are facing as a human race. The mind is a powerful thing; a million hands holding tight to each other can make a huge difference.

Maybe these are the kind of thoughts travelers have while up here. Maybe this is the perfect place to let our mind flow with hopes of goodness. After all, it is here, for some strange reason, that many feel closer to the Divine and free to be. It seems like thirty thousand feet below illusions drown us. Maybe, even down there, we should learn how to remain in the clouds; light, happy, and free.

In the meantime, I'll keep forging my thoughts up here, dreaming of my dreams, and feeding them with happy thoughts and hopes of my own devise.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Here’s the Secret to Life’s Perks

This is going to be short. While enjoying my morning walk, I started thinking about all the reasons people complain on a daily basis. I hear it all the time. Then, it hit me. Every single issue has a brighter side we avoid to see, maybe because we are so used to pay attention to the negative that good things pass unnoticed. 

Here are the top four I've heard recently:

Complain #1: He/she can’t change or if only he/she could change…Why do you want people to change in the first place?

Positive view: Meet the challenge of loving someone for whom she/he is and you will always have someone to love. Unless what you want is a robot or clone, you don’t need an exact twin.

Complain #2: Life is so unfair (maybe because it is not going your way).

Positive view: Accept it as it is-good and bad- and you’ll have many reasons to thrive. See the lessons not the obstacles. Ask yourself, what is in here for me to learn?

Complain #3: My days are boring. Have you wondered why?  
Positive view: Do something different. Be willing to risk it all for the life you would rather be living. Boring days often push you to make a change.  

Complain #4: I look like this and this and don’t like what I see. Why don’t you like what you see should be the question?

Positive view: Learn to LOVE yourself first. Then, if there are still some things you want to change to feel better, make it happen! Eat healthier, find something fun to do, join an organization where you can share with like-minded people.

Life gives us a lot more than we can see. Its best gift is our ability to shake it off and being renewed with every new day. The secret is simple, with a grateful heart and an open mind, JUST LIVE!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Living Forever Young

She used to walk barefooted on the grass, play with soap bubbles, speak to imaginary friends, swim in the nearest lake, eat with her bare hands, mix and match colors, eat dessert for breakfast, climb tall trees without fear of falling…when she was young. Yes, that was me and I pretty much keep doing the same things still. 

The word young carries many definitions: being in the early stages of life or having the appearance, vigor or qualities of youth. How many things we have stopped doing because we don’t fall under that category anymore or so we think? Who sets the standards for what “I used to…when I was young”?

My grandfather once said: “You get old when your heart stops beating. Otherwise, you are forever young.” 

Ditch the “I used to” and start living!

1.       Claim the gift your life is.
2.       Give personal meaning to everything you enjoy doing.
3.       Surround yourself with forever young people; mind, body, and soul.
4.       Try something new or do something today you haven’t done in a long time.
5.       Create your own energy; stay healthy. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you.
6.       DISCONNECT from that which is not bringing you joy and positive vibes.
7.       Push yourself into learning and experiencing something new every day.
8.       Value, honor, and care for the people, causes, or places closest to your heart.

Life is not as complicated as we might think. In the midst of the illusions we want to believe, there’s always the bright side. You cannot live in the past but every day is here to create our own fountain of youth; what makes us young at heart. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shielding Your Inner Peace

Oh those days when you lived by yourself! Waking up when you wanted, staying or leaving, fixing breakfast or fasting, enjoying an OM time or rocking your favorite tunes. Making the choice of sharing a roof is not an easy one after a lifetime of “only about me decisions”. Above all the habits, likes, or accomplishments to protect, inner peace stands out as the most important to me. It has taken me a lifetime to attain that peaceful zone where nothing and no one can enter without my permission. Unfortunately, that special person we choose to share our lives with might not be in the same place we are. Yes, love has nothing to do with it. How can we safeguard our inner peace and harmony then?

1.       Let nothing disturb you. St. Teresa De Avila put it simple. Everything in life passes. Most of the problems we think we face are not ours but others. It is not us they are fighting with but themselves.

2.       Stand your ground. Let others know what you want, need, are willing to work with, and refused to allow. People will learn how to respect you when you show them how much you respect yourself.

3.       Cultivate awareness. Emotions are tricky. We must learn to recognize, understand, and find the best ways to deal with them in positive ways. Don’t allow them to control your life.

4.       Focus on you. It doesn't mean being selfish but instead giving our time and energy to what we love, what makes us feel fulfilled and happy. Focusing on the positive breaks up the negative.

5.       Breathe! When stressed, stop what you are doing, take one, two, or three deep breaths, find your grounding point, and try to see the situation from the perspective of a message or lesson. What is this situation trying to tell me? Always look for the most loving place inside of you.

For many of us, sometimes it takes many years to bring our lives into alignment with all there is. Do not allow chaotic people to enter your personal heaven.

If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished? ~Rumi~


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