Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to Begin 2014 Living a Magical Life

Another three hundred and sixty five days have almost passed by. Many of us take this time to write a list of New Year resolutions. Some of them we fulfill. Some others are forgotten for whatever reason. Does it really matter if we can’t make our day to day one to remember? Sometimes we thrive too much, pushing ourselves to the edge, and thus complicating everything that in reality is as simple as living in the moment, trying to make the best out of it.

 Here are the simple steps I have put in place to call upon the simplistic, achieve my desires, and enjoy it as it goes.

1.       Never stop learning. Accept that you don’t know it all and make the point of learning something new that captives you every day.
2.       Reach out and pay some respect for the ground you are stepping on; the provider and nurturer.
3.       Get into some nature therapy. Plant an indoor or outdoor garden; flower, vegetables, herbs – anything that keeps you in touch with your inner child and provides you with some time to reflect.
4.       Empower yourself by staying away from the drama. Do what makes you happy. Take control and let others know the lines that can’t be crossed when it comes to your time.
5.       Honor your beliefs, stand up and live through them. Find ways to create daily ritual to celebrate life.
6.       Be mindful of your words and actions for they tell who you are to the world.
7.       Live with the intention of spreading and sharing the best of you; family, friends, co-workers, all can benefit from a smile, the right word, or your attention when needed. You never know the impact you can make in someone else’s life.
8.       Most of all learn to develop the skill of patience and tolerance. We are all fighting out own daily battles. We are all warriors in our unique way.

If I ask someone about you today, what would that person say, what would you like that person to say? Let this be your guide to live every day like magic.

The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ~ Bertrand Russell~

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My 12 Simple Rules for Living

As I am about to begin a new week, I am reminded of my simple rules for a good and peaceful living.
 (1) Be nice to yourself and other.
(2) Do as you will but harm none.
(3) Be faithful to your values and beliefs but not too close minded as to not be willing to change them if they don’t serve you anymore. 
 (4) Be humble but never allow people to step on you.
(5) Likewise, do not use your power to step on others.
(6) Regardless of your circumstances, always find a reason to be grateful.
(7) Accept and love yourself as you are and do the same with those around you.
(8) Don’t complain or blame others for everything “going wrong” in your life.  If you don’t like it change it. You are in charge. 
(9) Don’t live in fear of what might happen; life is not to be feared but enjoyed and embraced.
(10) In need of some good life therapy? Give to others. Giving has a healing and transforming power.
(11) Speak up your truth; better an honest truth than a hurtful lie.
(12) Follow your intuition, gut feeling, and passion; live meaningfully.

Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning. ~ Joseph Campbell~

Friday, December 13, 2013

What is Stopping You from Feeling Blessed?

Three people, morning, noon, and afternoon, all giving me the same response; it’s just another day. A blessed day – I said. They looked at me with empty eyes and repeated, “Just another day.” Why is it so difficult to accept our daily blessings? Why is it so difficult to accept each day as a new gift and indeed a blessing? I've come to my own conclusions. Some of us, too many, feel as if we don’t deserve what life gives us. Some others are so overwhelmed with our daily troubles that we fail to see the good that comes from them. Others feel like they deserve more than they have without realizing that sometimes we don’t have more because we are not doing what it takes to get it or because instead of enjoying what is spend our lives complaining for that we it isn't. To change our circumstances we must shift our conscience to daily gratefulness.

This is not just another day but a new opportunity to change, to flourish, to see life with new eyes, to look beyond false illusions and embrace the many reasons life give us to say thank you. I am here, you are; isn't that reason enough to feel blessed? Next time you are asked how you are doing or feeling, try to add blessed to your response, feel it. Like everything in life this sense of being blessed also takes practice but in the end it will be part of your life and blessings will indeed shower you. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Why Not Giving Yourself What You Want?

“Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.” - Thaddeus Golas -

Some would call it laziness. I call it me day and loving it to the fullest. For many out there, having a do nothing, just what I want day is synonym of slackness. We are so used to be on the go all the time that scheduling a day off or spontaneously deciding to simply do nothing on any given day means disrupting every single rational, social, and human mandate. Forget about it!  Take a chance, change the rules, make a statement, and begin a new personal ritual.
It has been raining, the wind has been fiercely blowing, and fog covering streets and beyond. Yes, I have some tasks to complete but this morning, when I open the window, my first breath told me to relax and enjoy the stillness of following my own intuition and wishes. I did. I carefully and rhythmically, open two pomegranates, took the arils out, and observed the water turning into a vibrant burgundy color; watered, cleaned them, and finally juiced them to feel their sweetness. I sat on my favorite chair feeling the wind and rain falling while enjoying one of my books that had been on the shelf for weeks waiting for my attention. I played with my dog who is always complaining about the cheerful days we miss during the hectic week. I even took a midday nap waking up refreshed and aware of the blessing of this day. What’s next? What about watching some movies, order some food, catch up with some friends, and give more thanks before the day is over?
Tomorrow will be tomorrow with all its hour to hour demands but today has been totally mine to savor, regroup, and recharge. Days like this could save a soul from distress, bring happiness to a sad heart, or heal your spirit. Every day we wake up giving our attention and our best to the world. Why not treating us with the same love and devotion? Remember that only by appreciating, loving, and giving some quality time to yourself you will be able to appreciate, love, and give to others. Cheers to the many me days we’ll be enjoying!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bringing the Merry and Bright

Thanksgiving is gone along with the shopping madness. Only here people gather around the table to express gratitude while mentally fabricating how their frenzy stampede would look like at the dawn of the day. I am a passionate defender of family traditions and values. I also fiercely avoid falseness, misleading beliefs leading to separation, and the excessive consumerism we have been drawn to, where in many cases love has been substituted with a price tag. Now Yule is around the corner; the end of a year, and the welcoming of the light. What can we do different this year to bring merry and brightness to us, our loved ones, and those around us, even the strangers? How could we bring back the simple, natural, and meaningful; the forgotten traditions that for so long have kept us together? What about cutting down on the giving stuff and donate more to those in need, or skipping the mega stores buying local to help those who devote their lives to bring fresh homemade products to our tables? What if we keep our decoration simple, calling for a family and friends craft night? Imagine the hot chocolate, warm cookies, the sharing and laughter and the outcome of something thoughtful and filled with memories. What about keeping the real meaning of the season, whatever your beliefs are; a time to reconnect, to look within, to cast the magic of our intentions, to serve more, and be more of what we were born to be?

As we begin this season, take a moment every day to celebrate the cold days and consider the beauty that lies beneath the earth where you are blessed to be standing today. Make a change! 


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