Sunday, November 17, 2013

Could You Please Stop Being Stuck on Your Life Drama?

It has been a rainy and foggy weekend which made me stay at home most of the time. Tired of being home I decided to pay a visit to one of my favorite coffee shops in town just to grab a latte and see some human faces other than my dogs’. It took me a couple of minutes inside the place to realize that we are still suffering from the same illness; the lack of acceptance of our life and the many repeated  questions we are always asking expressing our dislike for it.  Why am I making the same mistakes? When will I do and feel better? Why is the world always against me? Why do I still lack what I want? Why am I still holding on to the past? Is happiness for me? Everything I am doing seems to be wrong.  As it usually happens, I started wondering, if everything you are doing is so wrong, why instead of complaining you don’t take some meaningful action to change it?  It is like eating honey every day knowing you are allergic to it. Some of these people has spent hundreds on self-improvement books, seminars, and retreats, followed all the latest so called modern day gurus, read every single self-help article on the internet.  Still, they feel empty and walking on the limbo rope of never ending moans and groans.

“I know what you are thinking.” – said the manager. Really, you think so?

Half of our problems would be solved if we could only accept that there’s no perfect life and it is that way precisely to teach us how to embrace it and love it as it is. For every bad day there are a thousand good ones but we rather stay locked to the bad instead of hugging tight to the good. The other half could be avoided if we learn how to appreciate our weaknesses as well as our strengths; if we only give ourselves the opportunity of being imperfect and still cheer, if we stop comparing our lives with that of others, and if we accept that it is not the world against us but you against you. Most of the problems would be worked out if for once we just stay quiet, if we just learn how to listen; if we make the commitment to get rid of the drama that we have created. Have you heard the opposites attract theory? Well, it doesn't work like that in real daily life. Negativity will only bring more adversity. Likewise, positivism will run away in view of the negative. That’s the perfect scenario if we want to keep our sanity and improve our lives.

Do you really want to make a change? Then, change your lens, close your mouth or at least choose your words wisely, eradicate from your life everything contrary to what your desires are, stop blaming, stop complaining, and give yourself a chance. It’s all about you and your determination to make it happen.

This is what I was really thinking but I have said the same so many times in different venues that I decided to grab my coffee, come back home, and have the chat with my puppy. She always listens; something that unfortunately we are still to learn. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

This is What You Are Meant to be in 5

As we go through this awesome experience called life, sometimes we feel unsatisfied with what we do on a daily basis. “I wish I could do something different.” “I don’t want to go to work.” “I could take some time off to just be.” “I feel so tired of what I am doing.” Have you found yourself saying or thinking any of these? I think we all do at some point in our lives; when we still haven’t found our purpose, that what makes our days joy filled. Truth is that a life without purpose is not life at all. We pass through it without enjoying it and, if we don’t enjoy it, we are missing its wonders, its gifts, and the ability to pass on our happiness and experiences to others helping them in the way.

As we begin a new week, let’s be determined to find that something to live for.

1.       Ask yourself what makes you happy? What is that something special that gives meaning to your life and everything you do?
2.       Pay attention to the signs life sends you. If you are feeling tired, dissatisfied, frustrated, empty, then chances are you are not doing what you are meant to.
3.       Don’t just think about it. Get out and let your purpose find you by totally engaging with life. Don’t be afraid of trying new things or meeting new people. Get out there and live.
4.       As you wake up every morning, make the conscious decision of living a purposeful life welcoming it as it unveils to you.
5.       Be grateful for your everyday encounters. Open your mind and make the effort to see everything as an opportunity to display your unique talents.

As Dostoevsky once said; “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” That something is eagerly waiting for you. Have a blessed and purposeful week my friends.


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Adultery by Paulo Coelho

AdulteryAdultery by Paulo Coelho
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