Sunday, February 24, 2013

Unwrapping a Gift

It is said that life is a gift not a choice, but what you chose to do in life is the best gift all because you choose it.

Do you remember the feeling of getting an unexpected present? I do and it was exciting even if I had no clue of its content. It is precisely that excitement and expectation that made it so thrilling. Yes, sometimes the content inside the box wasn't at all well received but I always tried to make the best out of it thinking outside the box.  An unwanted doll, I didn't like dolls at all, turned into add on decor for my slide in the yard. Pink plates would become picture frames or drawing boards and a pair of black patent leather shoes would end up miraculously as planters. With time this habit would come handy with life itself.

Truth is that life is in fact like unwrapping a gift. We never know what we would find inside the package but we always need to be prepared either to accept it and enjoy it or transform it into something that we would eventually cherish. And so I learned that behind every weakness there is the potential of strength, behind every mistake a lesson that must be learned, and behind every precious gift the possibility to make it bigger and better for your own growth. It’s all about the right attitude and expressing your power to transform and re-building what you have been given.

As we begin a new week, think about those gifts you left unwrapped, the ones you opened but never used, and the ones you opened but haven’t transformed into what your dream gift truly is!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keep Charging

This week I was told to tell you about your gifts and their importance in not only your life but everyone’s life. We are all born with certain talents but we seldom use them much less think about how these talents can make a difference in the world around us. Our talents help us serve others and in serving we are making a unique contribution to our tribes. When I started college, I dreamed of becoming a clinical psychologist. I was passionate about people, their minds, the why’s and why not’s. I really thought there was something about me that could help me helping them. As life would have it, my dream was changed for a very good reason and then, I became a teacher! As a teacher, I have had the opportunity of working with tender, creative young minds; those eager to learn, explore, and discover what’s beyond the world as most of us see it. As a teacher I have been able to serve and learn at the same time. I have received the gifts while sharing mine. Your gifts translate into your life purpose, and we all have one or many to accomplish.

Today, sit back and reflect on all your life- given gifts. Which are they? What are you good at? Is it music or any creative art? Are you a genius with numbers? Are you a great listener?  How are you using these gifts to express yourself? How are you using them to help others? Are you letting your insecurities block the way of expressing, use, and share your gifts?

Gifts are blessings put in your hands so you can discover all you are capable of. They are the path towards your heart desires. Let them flourish. Help them come to fruition and live through them! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Believe You Receive

To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.
~William Londen~

Today it was a literally bone breaking, heavenly day. A couple of years ago, I fell down the stairs, breaking four bones on my left foot and sending me to bed rest. Some of you might be familiar with that story and how, in many ways, changed my life. Sometimes we focus so much on one area of our lives that miss the whole. Time passed and my back started its reminder about our interconnectedness to everything. Finally, I decided to meet a chiropractor, when pain was too heavy; a bad habit we sometimes have of waiting till we can’t handle it anymore. So, my ankle was never pulled back to its original place causing my whole left side to go out of balance; yes my whole left side meaning knees, hips, clavicle, and neck. No wonder! 

After the initial fear of having my bones popped, I would call the experience, a visit to mythic Shangri-La through the roads of Nirvana.  Before arriving, I asked to meet sacred hands, an environment of flowing energy and happiness. That’s exactly what I received. The massage following the cracking was the perfect supplement to balance all my light centers and I could feel each one of them opening up in healing.  The resulting soreness was a good one; that good pain that leads to a better you. 

Sometimes in life such a simple event bring us back to life and what it is all about. Today I remembered that…

1.       When you ask with faith and believe, you receive what you ask for.
2.       Good people are everywhere to serve and heal each other if we allow it and give back of our own gifts.
3.       Everything everywhere is connected and we must acknowledge and honor that interconnection.
4.       Our body is constantly talking to us. We just need to listen, pay attention, and follow. 

Lesson learned; don’t wait until life hits you in the face to do something for yourself! Every day is a great day to make you feel better and go on shining.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To Go Back Home...

When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.
~ Honore de Balzac~

I've been told to remind us that life is full of contradictions and as living beings we are as well; that’s no secret. It doesn’t makes us better or worse, simply human. We wish but fear. We set goals but doubt taking the first step. We love in the same way we hate and crave for peace but declare war to ourselves.  In the end we waste precious time confused about what we want and in a constant search for who we are.

If this is your case, as it has often been mine, if you are searching for that something that seems out of reach, begin by asking yourself: which ways bring me closer to the Divine and which take me apart from it? We are that divine we have been trained not to see and acknowledge. All we need is to connect back and live through it. Once you arrive back home, you realize that negativity is not an option, that no is not to be taken for an answer when pursuing our dreams, that everything has been put into place for your own good, that all your desires manifest when you are ready, that you deserve the best and don’t have to compromise. Among all you remember that you are always protected from all harm and miracles do happen every day! Be blessed! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lessons to Live: Sacred Circles-The Initiation

After many years as a mere observer secluded in my corner, I was finally allowed in the outer circle. The kitchen was still a mystery for grown up women. Green pigeons peas would come to me in big bowls after a long harvest session among the wild nature, hundreds of them to be extracted from their protective shell. Green and sticky nails were all that was left in the beginning and silence, hours or silence. The white, iron rocking chairs became my throne. The soft breeze would keep me awaken. Silence would torture my ears.
“Can you feel the life in your hands?” Finally! Silence was broken! I was relieved but totally confused with the question. Life in my hands when all I could see were tons of little green and shiny circles and their empty shells hurting my still small fingers? I guess my innocent expression said it all and a laugh busted.
“Green pigeon peas grow from seeds just like you. The seed is deposited in the womb of mother earth. With love and nourishment it starts growing, first into a tiny branch. This branch keeps growing until a beautiful shrub is formed, flowers appear and they are ready to harvest. Peas come in different colors and all are welcome. They know how to give back. They feed the human, attract bees and help them in producing the honey you so much like, and, as mulch, they nurture the earth that allow them to be born in the first place. They grow together but take different paths. Each one of them has their own plate to go to. Still, they always remember their essence and never stop loving each other. That’s the circle of life. Be like the green pigeon peas. Grow and expand. Nurture yourself. Accept all the other shrubs for they all belong to the same family. Be grateful and give back with love. Remember, there’s no difference between you and the shrub. We all come from the same source.”
Only when we remember we learn.
From: The Power of Us: Evolving Women One at a Time

Friday, February 8, 2013

Kicking Out the Roadblocks

"The 'secret of life' is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives.”
Bruce Lipton

We are born free; no vision, imbalances, limiting beliefs or unresolved issues. And then, we grow and we are molded, and twisted, and changed. And the road back home turns sometimes painful and long. Some arrived safely after surfing big and small waves.  Others never had the chance to open the familiar door. It is kind of a poetic irony, right? Yes, we all go through it. We all spend a good amount of time removing roadblocks. We need to if we want to really listen and engage in the fullness of life.

Common limiting beliefs are the core of many of our problems. They were for me at some point.  Things like: the world is against me, I am not good enough, they are not good enough, I can’t do this on my own, and on and on they go and we remain stuck unless we face them, erase them or transform them.  How? These questions might help you as you start confronting your monsters:

1.    Do I really believe that?
2.    Why do I believe that?
3.    What seems true about that? How can I proof that believe to be true to me?
4.    What might concern me if that belief was gone?
5.    How would my life change without that belief?

The honest answers to these questions is the key that would open the door to creating a complete new reality and the possibility of a new life filled with excitement and purpose, trusting in yourself, your decisions, and willing to take the risks necessary to live openly and honestly.

Let's begin our weekend by being determine to change our minds. Make it better! Make it brighter! Make it happen! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Man is only great when he acts from passion.
~Benjamin Disraeli~

Friend: It was a good decision to become a teacher because you know writers can’t survive in this world. Why do you write any way?

Me: I write because I love it. I write because it is my unique way of showing and sharing my thoughts and feelings with people around the world; people like me with fears, hopes, dreams, struggles, and an unbreakable inner strength to overcome them. I write because in the end it is not about money but about letting the world know we are here!

Through life we change many times, we go back and forth until we find that one thing we are passionately in love with. Some of us  are born with certain tendencies, what we call the unknown, something we can’t explain but that it’s certainly there stuck to our skin, ingrained in our DNA.

You: What are you passionate about? Why do you do what you do? Find the answer and you’ll find the driving force that would lead you to make an amazing contribution to the world and make every day a wonderful day! Are you still in doubt? Try this

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happily Ever After

When we come close to those things that break us down, we touch those things that also break us open.  And in that breaking open, we uncover our true nature.
~Wayne Muller~

Monday, February 4, 2013

Women No Regrets Mistakes

~One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching." ~ 

As a woman, I have been often asked about the mistakes I've made. No matter where a woman has been born or raise; race or religion, there are some “laws” written in sand that we must follow as if they were written in stone. After so many centuries, it seems that we are still carrying Eve’s curse imposed by men. And so the story goes that we should behave in a certain way, speak soft, wear this kind of cloth, accept even what we can somehow control, follow the “good ladies” golden rules. Maybe you are thinking that’s something from the past; that women have come far, that we now have the right to an education, vote, and freedom of speech, do what we like for a living, and make crucial decisions regarding our lives. Yes, you are right but it happens that it doesn't work the same way everywhere and even where it does work, there’s always the shadow of what we can and can’t do just because we check the box as females. So, what are the mistakes we are allowed to make without being condemned or feeling all disapproval eyes on us? As for me, I think I have exhausted the list.

Back in my days, it was against all social traditions to give birth without being married. I did. It wasn't right to feel the urge to support yourself without a man providing and demanding. Count me in on that one. It was the time when the word of a man was the final word regardless if his word was right or wrong. I always had a voice to be heard. It was insane to leave everything behind in search of personal dreams that could jeopardize family stability. My excuse for that one could be that healthy insanity runs in the family although I am still looking for that ancestor. My life has been a journey of ups and downs following my passion and instincts. So, which are the mistakes we can’t make? None. We are as human as anybody else and we have the right to walk the smooth and rocky roads if that’s our call.

Mistakes are but lessons that we need in order to grow and learn. The path we take is our way to reclaim our freedom to be, to strive, to better ourselves, and to achieve the goals we have set. Our personal walk has our name on it. No one can do it for us. No one should. We have the right to rise and reach. It is precisely this freedom what makes us human; amazing and unique. But, if we are talking mistakes then these are the ones I have learned none of us should make:

1.       Pretending to be someone we are not
2.       Ignoring the feelings of others
3.       Being conceited and showing superiority
4.       Harming with words, thoughts, or actions
5.       Believing our views are the ones and only
6.       Blocking our growth and that of others
7.       Spending one day not totally loving and accepting ourselves and others

Follow your heart! Be like a rainbow! Can we write these in stone? 


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