Saturday, December 29, 2012


“The universe doesn't give you what you ask for with your thoughts - it gives you what you demand with your actions.” ~ Steve Maraboli~

It is that time of the year when people all around the world start thinking, collecting the memories of the last three hundred sixty five days to begin planning for the next 12 months to come. I have heard the complaints of those things that couldn't be accomplished, the excuses and the why not’s, and the honest intentions of doing better or accomplishing something in the year to come.  This is the time of vision boards that would hopefully “push” us to step out and add some action to our dreams. Personally, I have always had some difficulty with the “vision” word maybe because, in my lifetime, I have never had time to visualize much but to act upon it and, guess what? Everything has been accomplished.

According to the dictionary, a vision refers to that something seem in a dream, in the ecstasy world; our imagination. For many the object of the vision stays there forever, in the world of the fancy thoughts. Years ago I went to a vision board day workshop. The presenter started the session with these words, “think about where you see yourself in five years.”  This is the favorite start up line. I had to respectfully laugh.  I could barely visualize myself in the next two days, much less five years. So many things could happen in between now and then that the idea of fixating our future to a certain pre-fabricated vision is already a recipe for disaster. Instead of vision I would rather work with intentions; deliberate intentions which involve action and determination in the day by day awareness; our daily bread of reality in the present.

A Vision turned into Intention fueled by Deliberate Action produces VIDA which in Spanish means Life and that should be our main goal; to live every day fully aware and grateful for our gifts and talents and then sharing them with the world. From this point everything is possible, doors open, and opportunities knock. We are actually living our intention!

Those of you who follow me know about my passions; my passion for teaching, and learning, and traveling, and getting to know the world and its people the way they are. Against all the media scandal, we survived 2012 and 2013 is approaching as a wonderful time for positive changes if we move into the right direction and take the right actions. My VIDA Board is all about me and what I have to offer from myself to the world out there. It is not about a distant dream but about the immediate now! It’s about being here with all of you simply sharing our VIDA. May 2013 finds you full of it! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

48 and Learning with a Good Laugh!

 "Instead of looking for the meaning of life, look for the experience of being alive."

As we enter a new era, I have been thinking about all these years and the paths I have taken over time. For some people, I have always felt different and experience life in a non-traditional way; that’s what I’ve heard. Maybe it is true. Since childhood, I have been living in my own personal world where simple things take precedence over what the rest of the population prioritize on. Maybe because I know what it is to have it all, to lose it all, and to bounce back step by step, long time ago I decided to live by the heart and follow my intuition; paying attention to the inner voices that would guide me in good and bad times.

In collecting my memories I have realized how much I have learned from myself and others. At my age, 48 to be exact, I can list them this way as lessons learned of a good life…

1.       You are not a result of your parents or their actions. Yours is the power to live the life you want under your own terms. Don’t blame others for the consequences you created.
2.       Taking risks is the best way to show the world you are alive.
3.       Our highest purpose here is to give; to ourselves and to those around us.
4.       Judging is the easy way to hide our own self-created imperfections which, in reality, do not exist.
5.       Our bad habit of clinging to the past is what keeps us stuck to a present we dislike.
6.       Pride serves many purposes but must be discarded if it gets in the way of love.
7.       Religion serves men. Spirituality serves humanity.
8.       The best way to get to experience our similarities is by traveling to new places and sharing the everyday life with other people.
9.       In many cases, the best way to win an argument is to be silent but…
10.   Standing up for what we believe is the difference between mere thinking and meaningful action.
11.   You need to show to the world the image of you, you want them to see.
12.   Self-love is not selfishness but the awareness of our gifts from the Universe.
13.   The best legacy we can leave our children is the image of loving, caring, imperfect parents who thrive to guide without imposing, accept without trying to mold them, listen without judgment, and pass on the teachings of the old and the respect for the sacred laws.

My life has been and still is an amazing, thrilling trip. In short, I have learned that a good and loud laugh is the best medicine for the heart, not even a broken bone could avoid the seduction of a good giggle. Every day is better when shared with good friends and a warm cup of coffee. Passion drives us and guide us and scares us but it is only by living passionately that we can really savor life as it is. There’s no specific time or age to give and receive love. The time is always, the age is infinite. The best of all is that with each new day, the school of life opens its doors for all of us with adventurous, hands on curriculum. This trip is amazing and I am hoping we all jump in. Like it was from the beginning, we are all in this together!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And Now What?

We have been listening about 12-12-12, 12-21-12, and 2012 for a long time now. Some predict the end while others pray in hope that this will only be the awaited beginning of a new kind of humanity; healed and transformed. Me? I can be counted on the second group although in reality one of my best qualities is being positive no matter what year I am living on. Then every day is special and powerful day where we can make a meaningful difference not only in our lives but those around us.
So today this is my wish for you:

May you find love in your heart…

May compassion fill your soul and its expression touch those surrounding you…

May you always have a shelter, food, and all your basic needs provided…

May you always have a hand to hold and another smile responding to yours…

May you find peace and joy in the simple things of life…

May you always be grateful for all the daily blessings poured unto you and your loved ones…

May you always find someone to help, someone to love, and someone to remind you that we are all the same in the eyes of the Creator….

12-12-12 will pass and 12/21 will arrive. It’s not about the date. It’s not about the end of times. It is about the Divine opportunity we have been given EVERY DAY to acknowledge our divinity, the sacredness of each moment, and the miracle of changing for the best. We are all united in LOVE since the very beginning of times! 


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AdulteryAdultery by Paulo Coelho
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