Thursday, November 22, 2012

Saying a Prayer

A Prayer of Thankfulness
For today, I am grateful
For tomorrow, I am hopeful
For my life, I am blessed
I thank my ancestors for their labors and survival
I thank my contemporaries for their companionship
I thank my descendants for carrying me with them

For today. . . I do my best in all things
For tomorrow . . . I honor and heal the environment
For my life... I work to be a healthy cell in the body of the Universe
I honor the journey of my life with conscious living
and honor the the lives of all I meet and those I will never know.

~ Abby Willowroot 2007~

To all my followers and family around the world, thanks and many blessings!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

And Let’s There Be Silence!

The truth about loneliness is that there is no such thing unless we give it power to make us feel sadly and desperately lonely. How many times have we been in the middle of a crowd and still feel alone, wanting to be by ourselves? Ever since I moved, I have re-discovered the power of silence and how it enhances our lives if we learn how to feel comfortable with our best friend, us. I have learned how to embrace solitude, how to actually listen to it, and embrace our time together. It has shown me to pay closer attention to others and their hidden messages to appreciate more those moments when I am surrounded by others. It is in healthy solitude when life gives us the best opportunity to face our fears, to acknowledge our strengths, to visualize what we want and what we don’t and to start passionately living each day.  Like Martin Buber once said, “Solitude is a place of purification” and, it is precisely that what I think we all need these days if we are to embrace all the good ahead, because there is plenty of good ahead!  How well are you using your quiet time? 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Café Communications -- Deadlines

As a passionate educator and life lover I had to share this! Let's be inspired by our children and help them in spreading their wings!


Airfares Around The World

Adultery by Paulo Coelho

AdulteryAdultery by Paulo Coelho
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great story by Paulo Coehlo. Real life down to earth characters struggling to find the meaning of life; a mirror of what we all go through day by day. The amazing story of Linda makes us ponder and question. What's life's ultimate purpose? What force moves us? What is it that we should all strive for?

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