Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sounds Like a Prayer...

“Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying. Are thoughts as prayers, listen to what you are saying…Every thought become a prayer.” 

I read those words somewhere, on a day I can’t remember. Sometimes we need to be alone to think, not with the mind but with the heart. You see, the mind loves to play tricks on us. The heart never fails to give us the right answers whether we like them or not. So today it was only me and my surroundings, that secret hiding place we all treasure; the safe place where we can freely inquire, challenge, and hope to receive a response, a reason for, or an explanation to.I am sharing it with you.

Indeed it sounds like a prayer…I’ve been listened. The response is out there…

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Merry Be For No Reason

Happiness can only be found if you free yourself from all other distractions.
~Saul Bellow~

For some reason I have been facing the same question in many different ways for the last couple of days. What makes you happy? It seems that lately more and more people are confronting themselves with this issue. A friend sent me a long email trying to explain how inadequate he feels among people who seem to be in a kind of nirvana mood all the time. How could they feel like that with all the chaos surrounding us these days?  It is not easy to answer a question like this, especially to a person you know closely without fear of being inadequate and giving the wrong response so I responded the best way possible, reaching out to my personal experience as the best example.

First of all, we can’t wait for the world to go back to its biblical paradise status to feel happy. Instead, we must change our glasses and begin seeing our surroundings and the daily events from a different perspective. We have the tendency to take everything personal, even that which is far from us. It is not about us. That’s rule number one. Absolutely nothing that happens around us is about us. Don’t’ take it personal. Stop contributing to more of the same; the pain and the drama. Let it go! 

As I began simplifying my life I found more time to do those things that bring me joy. Long gone are the big salary, the huge house, and the six seats truck; all of those were more a symbol than a mean of contentment. To my surprise, living simpler has given me a lot more time to enjoy the things I like in more meaningful ways; time to write, a stroll in the park, a visit to the farmer’s market, a home cooked meal with my family and friends, time spent giving, or time alone with my best friend, me. Breaking the habits or general rules commanding our personal lives, untying the ties that hold us prisoners to that we don’t want, re-writing our life story under our own terms are some of the little known secrets that makes us happy. There’s not hidden secret. Happiness is made of moments. By adding happy moments to your day you'll feel happier and when you share them the bliss will last a lot longer!

Friday, July 20, 2012

All Up To Us...

“Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference. “

I first heard about the tragic events in the state of Colorado while in front of the mirror fixing my two pony tails. Yes, still at my age I like my childhood pony tails as a reminder of the good days and the peaceful environment I grew up in. I heard the pain, the desperation of the victims, and the rage of a country unable to understand what could have possibly led this young man to commit such an atrocity. It is everywhere. Today, it was Colorado. Yesterday it was the bombing in Bulgaria or the massacre against the people of Syria. Tomorrow it will be something else, somewhere not far from us; somewhere where more innocent people will suffer from the irrational behavior and acts of other human being like us although many would question their status as human beings.

The unfortunate truth is that we are here to witness many more tragic, worldwide events that would attempt to break us. After all, we can’t control what others think or do. We can only control ourselves. We can only change our personal reality, trying to inspire and provoke some positive changes in others; hoping that our actions spark some good in the hearts of those around us. Like a big family we need to be united. We have been disconnected from ourselves, our values, and from the main source that created the all. 

Chaos often precedes the advent of peace. It has always been up to us. Are we going to stay divided or are we to embrace our humanness and work together for the global reality we dream of? What would you choose?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clearing the Past through Love

Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.
~Eckhart Tolle~

Day one of my meditation challenge confronted me with two simple facts: (1) many times we allow our past to keep us from moving forward and (2) the only way to move on is to heal the past through unconditional love for ourselves and those who were involved in those past experiences. We have heard it before in many ways; we are not perfect, we make mistakes that I would rather call lessons to be learned, we all face challenges and often make decisions that do meet our initial expectations. We’ve all been there. Now, the magic of it all resides in not allowing that past to direct our present day.

In silence I returned to some of those events; my premature marriage, my rocky relationship with my father, the inability back then to accept and understand my grandmother’s departure, and the times when I didn’t pay attention to my intuition following the masses instead. I realized how for some time all these past experiences kept me stuck to some beliefs and behaviors that in no way were helping me in developing my gifts and talents and were also preventing me from embracing healthy relationships; the most important that with myself. That I had allowed.

When you begin purposefully intending to follow your heart, every past experience transforms. Those painful situations turn into opportunities, the people involved are seeing as teachers, and the emotions serve as restorative tools to get to know yourself better; loving yourself for who you are, the way you are, and learning to see that past with new eyes; through the eyes of love and compassion. 

If you still want to join me you can visit the Chopra Center Facebook Page .

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meditation Challenge

After some days recovering from a sprained back, I am here again to share my days and insights with you. It is funny how life in all its wisdom takes charge murmuring to our ears that it is time to take a break and simply relax; something that we usually don’t do on our own. So to show my gratefulness I am embarking in a 21 days meditation challenge. Would you join me?

The benefits of meditation have been widely spread. It has been proven that it …

1. Lowers oxygen consumption.
2- Decreases respiratory rate.
3- Increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
4- Increases exercise tolerance.
5- Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
6- Is good for people with high blood pressure.
7- Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
8- Decreases muscle tension
9- Helps in chronic diseases like allergies; arthritis etc.
10- Enhances the immune system.

Being an always in the go person, this is a true challenge but I also recognize that everything in life comes exactly when it is needed. I would love for you to join me and share your journey. You can go here and enroll. The program is free and it can be done from the comfort of your home: Let’s do this!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ladies and Street Boys:Redefining Roles

“Play in joy in these fields of Light, the light I see around my Mother.”
~ Joan Norton~

One of the reasons I love to mingle with people is to listen and learn from them; also to study their views against mine. Yesterday was one of those days when reality strikes; when I found myself navigating in between two waters. The comment igniting the inner fire was this: “As a father I expect more from my daughter than from my son. I am tougher on her because I want to raise a lady. Boys belong to the street and they need to learn how to survive on their own.” There it was. Is this the reason why so many “ladies” are stuck with so many “street boys” unable to express their feelings, to be committed, to acknowledge the matters of the heart? These have been exactly the complaints I have heard from so many women out there. 

When I was writing my book, I interviewed a good chunk of women. Most of them concluded that most men needed an intensive course in what many of them called “heart management.” The course would include intensives in details, communication, empathy, and the open expression of feelings. I remember one of the ladies saying how frustrating it was for her to speak with her husband trying to get things from him. “It is like talking to a wall for a long period of time. Have you ever seen a wall talking back to you? I never knew what was in his heart.” So, with time, many of them just get used to it, beginning to assume what they don’t know for sure, communication fails and so does the relationship; a never ending circle. I’ve seen that myself. I’ve lived through it but you would imagine that as we evolve, we also drop old gender stereotypes.  You would think that women raising boys would know better, that they would guide the fathers into that balance upbringing. We still have a long way to go!

This alienation and indifference towards the female abilities and strengths have created an imbalanced world. As women we are still to discover our own power. Maybe it is time that we start raising boys with a heart. Maybe it’s time to bring back harmony to what has been so far an exclusively brain oriented society. As I see it, the time has come to raise mind-heart people giving ourselves the chance to flourish, to help each other, to explore our potential, and embrace what we can do together as male and female, sacred beings working equally hand in hand towards a common purpose.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Smoke Signals

Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.
~Dennis Waitley~

The other day, while visiting my soon to be new home of Gainesville, a city northeast of Georgia, I stopped to have lunch with a dear friend of mine. Although it was almost a hundred degrees outside, we decided to seat outdoors to enjoy the view of the square and its multicolored flowers. Secretly, I truly wanted to smell the air and observe people around me. I’ve been known for a good eye when “feeling” others. Since the beginning of the day everything seemed to be connected, from my new place with an unexpected view to the mountains and lake, a sudden visit to this unique store that literally had spoken to me from the minute I saw it, to the message it brought me. Everything appeared to be linked somehow. 

By the time lunch was over, a group of classy ladies started to leave the place; all dressed in white, impeccably beautiful, astonishingly happy, all smiles. I tried to unveil their age, from fifties to seventies perhaps but it wasn’t about the age but about their joy to be there together; gratefulness pouring for the gift of a day shared with other sisters. My first thought was “I want to be like them when I reach that age; destined to fully live with no regrets.”

Months earlier, a dream had announced it: “coming to the north.” Yes, I am going to the north, maybe honoring the meaning of my name; maybe to find some of the things I have been looking for. I don’t really know. I never know when it comes to changes and risks taken. For now, I do know that the vision of these ladies inspired me; the view of the mountains took me back to my days in my homeland, the air smells refreshing, and all the signs are leading me to that place that I am starting to feel like home already. Indeed, life is constantly sending us signs. Our mission is to become aware of them, to follow the path of life, and rejoice in its perfection.


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