Thursday, June 28, 2012

For All I Know

“Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power.”
~ Shirley MacLaine~

It would not surprise you if I tell you that one of my favorite places is, of course, the bookstore and that I could spend hours there walking down the aisles, literally smelling the books, and observing customers and their habits. Yesterday was one of those days. 

It is always impressive to see the amount of people sitting on the floor, browsing through the self-help items. From a corner I am looking at them and thinking. What have we done or what are the life circumstances we have created or allowed that have brought us to a quasi-desperate search for help outside ourselves?

When I was a college student I dreamed of becoming a psychologist. Some unexpected circumstances changed my plans. Then, after a while, I became a teacher and life coach. People are one of my passions. I love to listen and embed in their stories. However, although I have read many books for pleasure and met interesting and dedicated professionals in the field, I have come to the conclusion, after stomping many times, that no self-help book can heal us unless we are willing to open our senses, experiencing the process with all that it entails. We must be willing to accept the good as well as the bad, becoming aware of who we are, risking it all to make the changes we are craving for. In simple words, we have to fully embrace and live life as it is to be able to know what being here is all about. 

For all I know, there’s no condition, physical or emotional, that we can’t heal once we begin feeling comfortable in our own skin, accepting the whole of us as it is, transforming our weaknesses into strengths, taking care of our bodies, giving ourselves the well deserve time to explore, enjoy, and share who we are with those around us. It is our attitude towards ourselves what impedes our natural healing process, what stands in the way of fulfillment and happiness.  

The question is then,what are we doing these days to change our circumstances and view of life? We are complicated beings indeed but also amazing and powerful in our core. Are we reaching out and using that power?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Erase the Mistake. Learn the Lesson.

“Mistakes are a great educator when one is honest enough to admit them and willing to learn from them.”
Long time ago, so far from my memory I can’t even remember, I used to pound myself hard for every single “mistake” I made. Have you experience the same? You know, that moment when you blame yourself even for a rainy day that ruins your plans and those of others? Yes, sometimes, I would say too often, we tend to look at ourselves as imperfect beings incapable of making the right choices or too blind to realize that quite often the turning around of what we thought a right choice is working for our best. 

For many years, when I was still a kid, I blamed myself for engaging in the wrong relationship that led to physical, mental, and emotional abuse. I held that grudge against myself for a long time. I was the one to blame because at some point I had a choice and chose totally wrong. Well, that’s part of the past. It became a healed memory when I realized that it was that choice the one helping me to grow, to become more centered, compassionate, and strong will. In the end, it wasn’t a mistake but a necessary step; a lesson I had to learn that otherwise would have gone down the drain preventing my development into the woman I am today. 

Next time you are tempted to disapprove your actions harshly, step back for a minute and think what that experience is trying to teach you. Remember the old saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and maybe, it is precisely strength and a better knowledge of the amazing person you are the message life is trying to deliver. Mistakes are never mistakes!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice Blessing

May the blessing of the Bright One,
the Brightener of Mornings,
be upon you and all you love.
Laughter of the running hours be yours,
and with the brow of brightness may you come
home in joy. May you all be blessed through the passing of the wheel of the year!
~ Celtic Prayer~ 

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Journal Entry

Blended Spices
June 16, 2012 7:30am

For the last five days I have been in a world of mixed tongues; I've belong to five countries, exposed to different beliefs gathered at one table, united by a common language and one ultimate purpose. This is the time of the year when my hopes rise, seeing how diversity has the power to unify instead of dividing. I can't help but to think at times why is it that we can't do the same world wide. But, then again I have been accused of being an idealist, too romantic at times.

Truth is I do believe we are all getting to a point where we are realizing that our only chance to survive as a race is to open our eyes to the fact that we indeed belong to only one race, the human race; that what we have seen as differences is precisely what enriches us and that we must start embracing who we are to empower each other as individuals. That is my hope.

In a couple of days I will go back home with the memory of the blended flavors from this week, feeling uplifted, and hoping that one day soon this once a year experience would be transformed into an every day celebration.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Berry Me!

All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God.”
~Thomas Browne~

Saturday unveiled in what I call a close encounter with nature. My trip to the farmer's market ended up to be a delicious walk among pathways of strawberries and blueberries jumping into my sight, eager to get in the white bucket. As warm as it was, I have to admit I loved every minute of it. The sweet smell along the narrow dirt path was enough to energize my squats and crunches trying to grab the best fruits. My childhood memories couldn't escape the scene.
I saw my grandfather waking up before the sun to water the crops, his hands waving left to right harvesting those  ready for the table, her patience when touching and smelling each fruit or vegetable but, most important his joy and pride of a job well done. The land and its produce was his life, mine too for a long time.
Nature can teach us many life lessons. It tells us about following life cycles, about the art of patience; it speaks to us about the importance of nurturing that which is close to the heart and honoring our work and our passions. It shows us how to remain strong, holding on to ourselves when the winds blow too hard and everything around us seems to fall apart.
The berries came home with me. The blueberries turned into a sweet juice. The strawberries are getting ready for their transformation. While blending the purple small circles a thought bumped into me. Sometimes we are so blind, so embedded into our daily and hectic lives, that we missed the simple things that life provide for us as sacred gifts.
The status we attain in the material world only belongs to that world. The one we achieve by enjoying and gratefully sharing life's simple gifts stays with us and goes far beyond what is humanly known. If I would have known that before I would've never left my grandfather's land and a lot more berries would've joined my bucket.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Daily LLL

I have been thinking about the things I wish I would've known and the difference it would have made in the roads traveled. Yes, I've been exploring life lessons and I would love for you to join me with your thoughts. How well have we been following life's guidelines to create a better place to ourselves and others. What things you wish you would have known when you were younger? How would that "knowing" would've changed your life as it is now? Need some inspiration to get started? Watch "Life's Little Lessons". Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Visualize and It Will Come!

"Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin to build."
~Robert Collier~

Here I come again, getting ready for a new beginning. It has become a habit in my life. Yes, I like changes. After I while I tend to get bored with my surroundings, driving the same streets, looking at the same faces, and visit the same places. Maybe because I grew up in the countryside I had always viewed myself going back to it at some point in my life; the call of the green, the fresh air, and the cuddling feeling of a small town where everyone know each other. I thought about it, claimed it; wrote it down on my wish list. It’s here! 

Many of us underestimate the power of visualization; the act of somehow controlling our imagination bringing those images to the real life. For me, the act of visualizing is like practicing magic; like casting a spell where positive energies are played with. Somehow, consciously or unconsciously, we have all cast a spell bringing to life many of our desires. Take a look back at what your life has been so far and you will realize that you have called forth many of your experienced realities. That’s the spell of visualization; a tool we should be aware of knowing that it's available at any time to better ourselves, a gift. 

Over the years, this is what I have learned. In order to properly visualize:

1.       The image or desire MUST be real in your mind. This is what gives strength to your desire, helping you to concentrate and send forth positive energy.

2.       Be patient. Your visualization might not present itself right away. Remember that there are certain unbreakable laws. Everything happens at the right time, when it is best for you.

3.       Visualize and let go. Do not get obsessed with it. Believe me once you think about it with intention is already at work.

4.       Most importantly, make sure you are visualizing for you. Don’t involve others in your vision without their permission. This is your life, your dreams. The universe has a perfect way to set everything in order making it work for your best interest. 

In a few months, I will be writing to you from wavy, green curves filled with a cool breeze, warm morning smiles, and clear waters. What are you visualizing for your life at this moment? What is your deepest desire? Open your mind’s eye. Cast your spell and it will come! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Aid to the Soul!

Because it feels great to be good to you...Make it a priority!

WAMFA-What are My Feelings About?

“Feelings are real and legitimate.”

What a weekend! It was a test in patience, understanding, and coming to peace with the personal shadows of anger. Yes! We all have those days when everything seems to go wrong, plans don’t work, and we need to come up with alternatives to the unexpected. I am normally a very patient person so it takes some time for me to come back to my senses when an unforeseen event shakes me. It is quite amazing how in a matter of seconds I am able to revisit the “count till a 100”, “breathe”, and “question” strategies that would stop me from going off.  

Anger comes from many places. Usually from frustrated expectations reason why I try to live through my motto, “expect nothing and be grateful for everything.” It could be triggered by different points of view and our inability to accept that sometimes we are indeed wrong or that our beliefs are keeping us stuck to the old. However, as weird as it might sound, wrath could become a great friend. 

The happy ending occurs when we realized that feelings no matter which ones, can lead us to a better understanding of others as well as ourselves. Even if anger strikes, we should accept it as it comes while at the same time forgiving ourselves from the occasional outbursts. It could even teach us how to become more compose and tolerant. Every feeling felt involves a lesson to be learned.

So, yes, I counted, and breathed, and questioned the reasons for my rage. I remembered the old wise advice, “never speak or act out of anger” and “always try to do the right thing in spite of what you are feeling.”  Most of all I remembered that every second spent in anger takes away from a moment of happiness never to be recovered. It takes away from our ability of living from the heart, allowing our minds to take over. It stops us from our purpose of enjoying each day living it out loud!  

As you begin your week, take a minute to ponder on your feelings and how you manage them. How do they serve you? How are you expressing them? Why are you feeling what you are feeling? What does your feelings say about you and the relationships you cultivate with others? 

Have a WAMFA discovery week! 


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