Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Memories from Silence

It’s been almost three weeks since my return from India, time in which I have been trying to still figure out the exact reasons why I wanted to go there, almost obsessively, and why I got so disappointed, not with the country but with the work site; so disappointed that it made me fly back, disregarding the long sixteen hours. I used to see this country as a vision and a mission. Now I feel the vision is pretty clear but the mission incomplete.

This morning, as I was waking up and my eyes barely opening, the thought of India was grounded in my mind; India and the silence I learned to appreciate during my stay there. No TV, radio, and an on-off internet due to the constant power shot downs, forced me many times to just BE there giving me the time to pay attention to the dry honeysuckle aroma surrounding the whole place, the sounds of the wildlife so typical from those hills, the change in the wind direction, the low voices of my neighbors next door, and the far scraping of the floors with rudimentary branches used as brooms. That silence had the power to consume my inner self. I became aware, maybe for the first time, of my breathing habits, the sensations in my body, the myriad of thoughts running wild and how these would calm down until my mind was blank and I could finally shot it down just to go to the place of the most vivid, picture like dreams I have ever had. There I found a sense of compassion I did not know existed, compassion that hurt when feeling powerless to change the existent conditions of suffering, hunger, and poverty reflected in the eyes of hundreds of women and children wandering the extremely polluted and overpopulated city.

Now I am wondering, if it was precisely part of my mission to experience that vision. What to do with it and how, are the questions in front of me. India is still in my heart. Maybe life will bring me the answers in the depths of silence India left as a legacy.


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Adultery by Paulo Coelho

AdulteryAdultery by Paulo Coelho
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