Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Monday, August 29, 2011

As Time Goes On…

Here I am, Monday morning and waking up with the same thought I went to sleep with. It has been fourteen years; a long journey, leaving everything behind, starting from scratch, against all odds. Many things have changed as it usually happens. Back then, the plane landed bringing four small children holding on to me. They just followed me confident that everything would be all right. Today, those children are gone, all of them with their own families, spread all over. Some of them I barely see although we always stay in touch because there is something neither anything nor no one can break, the bond of love that has kept us together through the distance. Together we managed our highs and lows, the unexpected changes, the growing up together and holding on to each other. Those were the days when I thrived to do more, to do better, to provide, to care, to simply be there for them. My mission was accomplished; now it is their turn to accomplish theirs. As I look back, there are no regrets. Life was good even through the broken paths. I grew, met true friends, experienced the meaning of unconditional love, and realized that nothing in my life moves without the guide of the Divine source.

As I did fourteen years ago, today I am getting ready to walk a new path, this time on my own. Once again I am opening my wings to cross over and start just the way I like it, from zero. It will be me and a new land, language, culture, challenges, and why not, struggles, those that make us learn, grow, and get a whole different perspective of life as it really is. The past was the time to fulfill a dream anchored in my determination to offer my children a better life. The now is all about me, about my personal dream, about my passion to reach out to others, listening to their own life stories. This time around is the only coin I have and I am deciding how to spend it.

Joseph Addison once said: “Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.” In the past and present I’ve had them all. Now, I am looking for more as time goes on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Regaining My Soul's Desires

I still remember the day when I graduated from college. The vision looks like this, a young woman grabbing a long awaited diploma while her four children were witnessing her hard worked success. That was the first step towards Artha. According to the Vedas, our soul has four desires. Artha represents the desire for the means; money, security, health. Besides being my soul’s desires, at that time, it was my motherly instinct driving me towards it, the desire of providing my children with all they needed. So Artha kept rising; a masters degree follow, then an out masters, and finally an unplanned doctorate. I was able to say that I was doing what I truly loved and the rewards never stopped. I had achieved the so called American dream and my children had what they needed and sometimes more. However, when encapsulated in the Artha desire, as humans, we often forget that life’s magic resides in keeping a balance. I know I forgot and with that came, of course, turmoil and frustration.

It has been a long journey to understand that learning to honor all my soul’s desires is what would allow me to thrive at every level leading me to a fulfilled and balanced life. It has been difficult, living in the midst of a seemingly chaotic world, to follow all of my desires mindfully. I still have to come to an understanding that not all desires bring happiness and that’s precisely the reason why we must always ask first: What desire would better serve my higher purpose at this moment? What desire could truly enrich my life and help me in fulfilling my purpose here? You see, there’s a huge difference between what we desire and what we need. Knowing the difference could change our lives.

Today, take a closer look at your desires. Honor your dharma, the desire to become the person you are meant to be, your Kama; your longing for pleasure and healthy relationships, your Maktha; your desire for spiritual realization and freedom, and your Artha, as you look for the means you need to travel this material world. Find your perfect balance by embracing silence and asking your soul what your true desire is and how it fits into your reality, what you need not what you want. Life is indeed a long journey and one of the best lessons is that there is always a lot more to be learned.


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