Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helping Hands

Maturing means recognizing our strengths and weaknesses. It also means recognizing that there are times when we must reach out to others and ask for their help. There is nothing wrong about it. We are all interconnected. Your neighbor could be that final piece you need to achieve your goal. When making a plan, notice the areas you can cover; the skills you already possess to make it work. Make note also of the skills and resources you are lacking. Then, reach out to someone who has the knowledge needed to fulfill your plan. Probably, you could also contribute to that person’s missing link. The causalities of life work like that.

You will find that there is a magical satisfaction in giving and contributing to people’s dreams. There is a deep value in sharing and helping others. Let go of your fear of asking for help. Break down the walls that make you believe they would see you as lazy or incapable. There is someone out there waiting on your call. They are prepared to lend you a hand and see your vision turn into reality.

Today, think about your goal. In what areas do you need help? Who is that person you can approach to get the help needed? Take action. Reach out.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sacred Circles-The Journey Begins

Growing physically is a long process. Growing spiritually takes a lifetime and beyond. Onion tea would settle your stomach. Valerian calms you down. Carrot seeds and milk diminishes menopause symptoms. To live in prayer soothes your spirit. Gratefulness elevates your energy levels. Forgiveness brings peace to your heart. Living from your heart showers your life with love an compassion. Thinking, acting, and feeling from your heart makes your love grow, changing your view of the world and the people around you.

All these lessons were taught in the kitchen, while rinsing vegetables, peeling fruits, boiling water, and blending herbs and spices. I was finally there going through a strict internship. Day by day the secrets were revealed; experiential learning at its best. There was no need to look anywhere else.

There’s no church, no religion capable of giving you the salvation that you need. Respect and honor all but know that you are the temple where the supreme being resides. Embrace and welcome his/her presence. Ask for guidance and it will come to you. They are there, waiting for your sincere call. They are there, waiting for you to remember what you have been from the beginning. You just need to live from the point where everything merges.”

"When at last you open to the reality of the Net of Light, your every breath will resonate with light. You will know the rightness of your existence. Furthermore, because the Net of Light holds not only you, but all life, as you awaken to your connection to the Source, everything on earth will begin to awaken.” - Grandmothers Speak

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sacred Circles-The Initiation

After many years as a mere observer secluded in my corner, I was finally allowed in the outer circle. The kitchen was still a mystery for grown up women. Green pigeons peas would come to me in big bowls after a long recollecting session among the wild nature. Hundreds of them to be extracted from their protective shell. Green and sticky nails was all that was left in the beginning and silence, hours of silence. The white, iron rocking chairs became my thrones. The soft breeze would keep me awaken. Silence would torture my ears.

“Can you feel the life in your hands?” Finally! Silence was broken! I was relieved but totally confused with the question. Life in my hands? All I could see were tons of little green and shiny circles and their empty shells hurting my still small fingers. I guess my innocent expression said it all and a laugh busted.

Green pigeon peas grow from seeds, just like you. The seed is deposited in the womb of mother earth. With love and nourishment it starts growing. First into a tiny branch. This branch keeps growing until a beautiful shrub is formed, flowers appear and they are ready to harvest. Peas come in different colors and all are welcome. They know how to give back. They feed the human, attract bees, and help them in producing the honey you so much like and, as mulch, they nurture the earth that allowed them to be born in the first place. That’s the circle of life. Be like the green pigeon peas. Grow and expand. Nurture yourself so you can show your best colors to the world. Accept all the other shrubs for they all belong to the same family. Be grateful and give back with love. Remember, there’s no difference between you and the shrub. We all come from the same source.”

That was my first lesson when silence was finally broken. I realized right there that the journey to the kitchen would be long and that to enter that sacred circle I would have to earn the admission ticket by remembering. Only when we remember we learn.


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Adultery by Paulo Coelho

AdulteryAdultery by Paulo Coelho
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