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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Power of Us

Forty eight hours could be a short period of time. It could be a time of awakening where the circumstances around us push our self to look inside and see what was once hidden. This is my case. In the last forty eight hours I have experienced all the seasons inside and out.

I arrived to a sunny Nebraska with the excitement jumping in my skin. There I would have the opportunity to meet colleagues from all around the world; my dream of one world under the same roof. In times of struggle and worldwide crisis, I can’t explain the feeling of looking at different faces, listening to a myriad of languages, share the culture and traditions of oneness. It was like visiting another planet where the only common language was that of sharing and unity.

Overnight the weather outside changed abruptly. The once sunny and warm view turned into a windy, cold, and rainy day where sudden snow blurred the sky. In the same way, my internal weather was about to change when I received the news that my grandson has had a terrible accident. He is only two. In the midst of sorrow and desperation the last thing I could have imagined was that those same new global friends would be the ones joining me and sharing my pain, the same way they had been sharing their lives the day before. Their presence was my strength.

Forty eight hours were enough to reinforce my belief that no matter the race or religion we are all connected through compassion and love. There is no world crisis capable of breaking that strong tie of humanity that we all share but have forgotten. Perhaps we could all apply these forty eight hours to our personal experience. It is often said that it is pain the common link unifying people but, why wait to go through sorrow and need to be together as one?

The power of us is the power of now. Life could change in a second. It should not be wasted in illusory political, religious or racial divisions that make us weaker instead of stronger. We are one human race. This is the time to proof our power as one with the world.

Friday, March 19, 2010

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