Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where Am I Today?

Today, like any day, is a new day. A day filled with unexpected and amazing opportunities to make a difference and live fully. Starting your day declaring your power to enjoy the best twenty four hours of your life is a great habit of the mind, one that will carry you positively through the many different situations your day might bring.

Most of all live a hectic life where our daily activities are already scheduled by us or by others. It is part of our adaptation to a world that was not originally our world, at least not the one we once visualized. We run through time regretting that it is too short or too long. Short or long, are we taking advantage of it and enjoying each minute, experience or encounter fully? We can not keep living somewhere in time. Memories nurture and teach but they are just that, memories.

Today, I am here enjoying myself, the perfect sunny day and the breeze playing with the branches of my front tree. If I was expecting something and it did not happened, I turn my gears into the unexpected and throw myself to it with the intent of making the most of it with joy. Today, I live in the truth of who I really am and let the world see me as I am because it cannot be any other way.

Where are you today? Is this the place you have chosen to be? Click on the title and let the music guide you while your answers come. In the meantime commit yourself to live; live now.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Life Might Bring

Two small gray frogs stood on my porch yesterday. It is said that these tiny reptiles represent fertility, new beginnings, and transformation. This morning, while sitting on my front stairs, one of the them jumped on my lap. I am a firm believer of signs from nature so I asked myself what these animals wanted to tell me.

Last night I shared a wonderful time with a friend. Someone who over the years have listened to me in good and bad times. For many years I have seen him as one of my best friends, someone I can count on no matter what.

Sometimes, after a great love comes another that could be even greater. Sometimes we are so attached to the old that we get in the way of the new. It is a bad habit of holding strong to the past closing the doors to what the future might bring. The present is all we have, the only reality we must hold on to. We never know where we will go, where a relationship will take us but, love is always love and it is worth all the risks.

Lets give us a new opportunity to love and be loved, to be respected, cherished, treated like queens and kings. Life is full of surprises but we will never know if we don’t let ourselves go and welcome what she has for us.

The frogs talked to me about new beginnings. I am ready to jumped into it and live it fully.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is Your Secret Garden?

We all have a space deep within, the place no one knows but us. There we keep our dearest dreams, visions of the future we hold. This is the place we tend to hide from the world. It belongs exclusively to us. It is where pure and unconditional love resides. Today I share the rhythm of my secret garden with all of you. Let yourself go and see your own.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Breakfast at Nana’s

Nana’s Country Kitchen is a small restaurant in my small town of Palmetto, GA. It is the only restaurant on Main Street; an old house turned into a cozy place where you can enjoy the pleasures of southern food. For a while now, it has been one of my favorite places to have breakfast but today I treated myself with the rare and many times avoided pleasure of having breakfast by myself. I can’t remember when the last time I did this for me was. The kind of hectic life style we have got used to, sometimes gets in the way of allowing “me time”, which is so much needed.

I chose my little table in a corner where I was able to see all the guests and ordered my morning coffee and my favorite: scrambled eggs with cheese, wheat toasts, and bacon. From my site, I saw people coming and going, greeting and saying good bye, talking about the common things life brings. People entered with the newspaper or their favorite book. Families gather to spend some quality time of chats and laughter. No cell phones were heard. No Wi-Fi to give way to technology.

As for me, I had the opportunity to smell the fresh brewed coffee, listen to the crumbling of the tasty bacon in my mouth, feel the soft texture of the wheat bread, and sense the old times through the wooded floors and the framed pictures talking about history in the making. The fireplace behind me told me family stories left behind. My own inner fireplace talked about an intermingled past and present while the rain outside cleaned the scenes leaving the stage prepared for a new script.

People have the tendency of avoiding time alone. Solitude is not one of those friends we look for along the way. It represents our fear of finding out the unexpected, unexplained, and undesired. She faces us with the person we do not want to see, because it is more comfortable to stay in the safe nest we have built as a protective fortress.

Breakfast at Nana’s was today’s gift to me to deal with who I am and get ready to what life has to offer. It is amazing how simple things in our every day work to make us better.

What My Resume Told Me

Early this morning while updating my resume I suddenly stopped to think about its content. I realized how much I have done. All my credentials speak about a hard working woman who one day decided that nothing would stop her in achieving her goals. It was not easy. I went back to the times when I was struggling while attending college, taking care of a household, and raising four kids on my own. I still remember their faces when I was proudly holding my college diploma.

My resume was speaking to me this morning, reminding me of all the steep hills, curves, and long straight roads I have traveled. It was telling me about the many years it has taken me to earn the respect and admiration from others. It told me about all the risks taken. Most of all it was whispering to my ear the constant question that so many times we ask ourselves; what now?

The truth is that at this point in my life, after doing so much, I do not have an answer to that question. I have learned over the years that new dreams grow day by day. Every new morning is a new beginning.Each sunrise marks a new chapter where we are the sole authors. What would happen is uncertain and we must be open and willing to be flexibly and change our vision of what we want, need, or are prepared to let go.

One thing my resume hides is my ability to be happy. There are no credentials in the world able to make you feel joy and gratefulness. Happiness is about your self and spirit; about blending all the qualities we posses as human beings and be able to spread compassion, love, care, and hope to those around us. It is about been able to remain true to who we are no matter how many M.A.s or PhD’s are accumulated along the way.

Today, my resume looked at me face to face, inviting me to celebrate my achievements, be grateful for the blessing of been here, and rejoicing in my discovery that life has so much to offer that it would be totally against nature to measure my success based on the words typed on a piece of paper.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

When Sorry is not Enough

Sorry, one of those misused and overused words that we all pronounce when a mistake has been made, when the wrong word or action has been executed, when we run out of excuses. Yes, we are only humans and mistakes are part of our growing process. But wouldn't it be easier to learn from them and avoid falling into the same hole repeatedly? That way the word sorry would be less used and we would commit ourselves not to make the same errors that hurt us or others in the first place.

Sorry is not enough when the same actions are repeated over and over. It is not enough when we have hurt so much that a trail of emptiness, sadness, and tears have been left behind. Sorry does not make up for the suffering and the pain. Forgiveness is divine but the scars remain as lessons learned and experiences that hopefully would make us better. Eliminating the sorry and bringing the I'll make it right from the beginning with compassion, empathy,and love would take us closer to the holiness we were granted at the beginning of times.

Next time you feel tempted to say or do something that would hurt you or someone you care for, stop, take a deep breath, ask for guidance, step back from your rage or disappointment, and let go. Find the right words. Think about the right action. In many cases it is better to abandon the fight and let life take charge because sorry won't fix what is already broken.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What’s That Chemistry Thing?

Have you ever seen a person and felt that you’ve known him or her forever? Have you ever thought about that same person and all in a sudden, you hear from her, receive an email or a call? Those are common occurrences that most of all take for granted or totally miss. Many think about these coincidences as that, just tricks life play on us. But, what about someone who is able to know exactly what you are thinking, able to finish your lines, to read your feelings just by looking in your eyes, to extend a hand finding another hand just there, waiting to complete the act?

What we call chemistry between two human beings goes beyond the word. The so called chemistry is the way life has to let us know that we have been together since the beginning of times; that somehow we belong to each other even though we don’t remember the ties that bind us.

I won’t use the interpersonal definition of the word but the scientific one instead; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions. This is precisely what it is, the composition of two bodies, their physical matter and soul blending and reacting together to similar conditions and circumstances. How do I know? I know because life has given me the gift of living it every day and through it been able to remember.

Then, next time you experience any of these reactions, do not miss the opportunity to ask yourself, what is this that I am feeling, what is it that is attracting me to this person, what is the message hidden between the lines, what is the lesson I have to learn here, what is it that I need to remember?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Make it Count

I know what you are thinking. We are going through the worst recession this country has seen in decades. Millions of people have lost their jobs, their homes, their security built upon years of a false safe nest. We tend to define happiness as that state achieved when we have all the above and a no limit checking account. We got use to it. Now, life is re-teaching us the old ways when less was better, when true happiness was found in the simple things money can’t buy. It is a crucial time to reflect on those days and make this count with or without the apparent world crisis.

Life is composed of cycles. They repeat every certain time to make us better; to remind us who we truly are. This cycle is guiding us towards a new beginning where in fact all around us will be better but, we must reach out and be part of the positive changes to come.

I am sure you have heard the common saying; the sun always rises after the storm. We might be in the middle of the storm but the sun is about to rise and shine for all again. It’s all about you, me, and all working together towards a new, brighter future where our thoughts will take form into the reality we truly want. It’s about forgetting about those things that separate us and visualize only one, big human race.

Again, I know what you are thinking. How could this happen when we all have different personalities, cultural backgrounds, and values? We don’t. If we look deep inside our core, we are all the same no matter the race, religion or nationality. For many years we have focused on the differences and that have been the root of all our problems.

Today begin your day grounded on your faith, on your vision of a better world. Today commit yourself to make the difference, spread your joy and gratefulness. You are here which means that you have been granted the precious gift of life. That’s all that matters. Make each one of your days count. Begin with your own personal transformation and all around you will be miraculously transformed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Coming Out of Deception

When you least expect it, situations arrive that make you wonder, question the strength of a relationship. Maybe the response wasn’t the one you would have thought of. You feel hurt and betrayed. You look back and wonder what went wrong, what did you do wrong, for how long you have been blinded by the past, denying that, as a natural process of life, people change. You wonder what if…

Many words could be said at that moment but instead you decide to give way to silence. Pieces began to be put together. In the middle of mixed feelings, it is better to shut the words instead of saying something that would make things worse.

In a state of nothingness, I came up with some basic truths:

1. Yes, people change or are forced to change.
2. There’s nothing we could do to bring their original souls back. That is a personal journey.
3. Taking actions and reactions to a personal level will make things more difficult for both parts.
4. Expecting from others only leads to disappointment.
5. The core of any true relationship is freedom of the self.
6. Deception could be a great healing tool, a wakeup call, if we apply the lessons it brings.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

XY Factor

Scientifically, heat is the worst enemy for girls to be born. Apparently scientist are wrong and I’m celebrating their mistake. I come from an island filled by strong and brave women and their numbers keep growing. So here I’m wondering what nature is trying to tell us.

With the advent of the new age, the Mother Goddess is predicted to return to establish some balance in an unbalanced, chaotic world. Nature then is breaking all men laws and setting her way to make this happen. Through the ages women have been the queens behind the kings, the hidden decision makers, the power behind the throne. We have been working hard like bees building homes and nations. We are the bearers of love; the peace makers. For too long we were silenced and hid under layers of rules written by men and the society they built. Now, nature is saying that their time is over and we must return to create the new world, years of peace and understanding.

Truth is that the X cromosomes are multiplying at a fast pace. Those will be the women of the future to which the Y’s will need to connect as one, not as mere man and woman but as brothers and sisters, partners in the new creation. This is the vital condition to prosper and change the crumbling world we have created.

We will then be honoring the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as it used to be in ancient civilizations, those who knew better and left a legacy and a message we completely forgot. From everywhere, heat or not, they are coming back to stay and make us remind the path we should follow.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Unconditionally Here

A great friend of mine said this words to me: “Let yourself go. Don’t try to control every minute of your life. Go with the flow and enjoy the moment. “ So, for the first time I paid attention to her words and embarked in the magic a flowing river could unveil.

It was a night of smiles and words, smiles and friendship, smiles and magic. The feeling of flowing with the river and not against it has that special something that allow us to be fully aware of every action and reaction, every sight and words said. That which surrounds us plays the part of the whole within us. We are not separated but one with all around us. In letting yourself go, you grant the permission to experience and feel what would be otherwise imperceptible. I granted that permission to live hours of pure magic and see beyond the false reality we all create day by day.

Today, I say thanks to my friend’s advice. I am grateful for the song sang to me with the universe as the sole witness. I honor the friend who made this possible, who took the time to turn an evening into magic with stars and colorful stripes. I cherish the laughs, the music, and the amazing time we shared.

Today I am committed to be unconditionally here, embrace each moment, share my blessings, and spread happiness. Love makes miracles and the river runs through it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let’s Talk Forgiveness

What If I tell you that forgiveness could bring you all the peace and happiness you need? This is exactly what you will receive when you decide to let go of all the hurt and pain from the past and forgive those who you think inflicted it on you.

For many years I thought my father was my worst adversary. Even though I had always loved him too much and missed a normal relationship with him, he would never seem to have the time or desire to get to know me and share his life with me. Over time I learned to live without him but deep inside I had created a world where he was the sole creator of all my anguish and personal doubts. Our relationship never flourished. I did not get to know him. He never had the opportunity to truly know me either.

The morning I received the news of his departure from this world, all kind of mixed feelings ran through me. Apparently there were no emotions. I could not find the way to react and kept it inside. A week passed until one morning I realized what I had been missing. That day I drown into tears, the same ones I had been trying to hold and for the first time I was able to release him and forgive him for all the things I thought he had done to me. I surrounded him with love and finally let him go.

The truth is that no one could hurt you unless you allow it. I did for too long thinking that just because he was my father he had to be perfect. I had taken his actions and reactions to a personal level when in reality, they were not meant to hurt me. That was just him and people behave according to their own personal upbringing and experiences. Don’t expect perfection from anyone, not even those you love dearly. Don’t take anything personal. Hidden among these supposed realities there are lessons we all have to learn.

In the end I realized that my father had given me the best tools to shape the woman I am now. I realized that he was a vital piece in the formation of a loving woman who have learned to accept, love, and respect others the way they are. Through him I learned to make my family my priority. He did not take away from me but brought meaningful insights to what a compassionate and fulfilled life means.

Since that morning a huge load was lifted from my shoulders. Happiness has been my daily path and miracles happen every day while I share this feeling with those around me. Every soul has its own path. Sometimes attachments and deep feelings could get in the way of allowing others to walk towards their own mission. The best way to transform a life is by example. Forgive and you will be able not only to change your life but that of others. Forgive and your life purpose will be revealed. You will find peace and peace will shower your days with blissful happiness.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mother-Daughter Day

When you are a woman, a daughter is one of the most cherished blessings life could give you. That is my case. After three boys, whom I also adore, my daughter came to me just the way I had always dreamed of. For nine months, I had dreamed with her dark curly hair, an angelic smile, bright eyes, and medium-dark skin. She was all that and more. Through the years we have become best friends.

Today then was our day; a day to share, have fun, and enjoy those simple treasures life has to offer. Just us, laughing, talking, and making memories that will last forever. In the end, life is all about that, moments where we can forget about the rest of the world and be happy. Those are the memories written in our book, the ones that will last beyond time.

She brightens up my life and makes me remember every day of all the blessings I have.


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