Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Living like the Flowers

Sunday was my first day of planting; a beautiful hummingbird flower garden. While selecting the seeds I saw myself as the little girl I once was. I was the seed. Many years ago I was planted with love and care. I was watered every day until the first sprout broke the land to see the sun. With the first green came more watering to make sure that every single part of my plant body would be adequately nurtured. That same water gave way to strong and shiny leaves and colorful flowers where the hummingbirds would land to taste its sweet nectar.

It was a long growing process. Some of the flowers died just to bloom again. There were no worries about drought or excessive sun; the flowers will always come back.

We are all healthy seeds waiting to be planted in fertile soil. We are all waiting for that new day when we can finally show our best colors. Like the flowers, we must wait patiently for that day when all the right conditions come into place for us to reveal as the magnificent beings we were born to be.

Live simple like the flowers! Water yourself with showers of joy and gratefulness! Dance with the wind and give your best colors to all the hummingbirds in need of some sweetness.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Healing Faith not Hope

We all hope for a brighter future but, do we have faith on the future we hope for? Every day I listened to people from different backgrounds voicing their wishes or complaining about everything that seems to be wrong in their lives. Others, convinced that there is nothing they can do to change their present, opt to surrender to what they believe is inevitable.

I truly enjoy my observer days, when I listen without judging; when I just feel and follow the flow as part of this human race we all run. It is during these days that I become fully aware of the blessings I have been given. Facing many faces and gestures I have been able to decipher the meanings of hope and faith, realize how confused we can be, and how this confusion could lead us to walk through the wrong path.

Hope is wishing for our imaginary reality, the one we yearn for to come true. Faith is believing. It is knowing that our reality is already here, that it has been given to us from the very beginning. This is the miraculous healing power of faith. Faith is our self assurance, our beliefs, and values put into practice for our own good and the good of all. Hope is always in the future tense. Faith is the now, the present day, this very moment.

Some time ago I met this mid age lady. She had a beautiful family she guarded and cared for with passion and devotion. The day she was diagnosed with stomach cancer she gathered the family and gave them the news. While they burst out crying, requesting answers and yelling at life, she paused and said: “You are wasting your time. This is the way life has to measure how strong our faith is. Mine is solid as a rock. I am not sick but healthy and full of life. I’ll be here for many more years. That big is my faith.”

It has been twenty years since that evening. She is still guiding her family and they are still enjoying her presence. After three months of the initial diagnosis, the so called illness was gone not to come back ever again.

Today I hear these many voices and remember her. We could all learn so much from this lady who stood still next to her faith! She knew already instead of wishing for her desired outcome.

Every thought, every belief, and every action is a prayer. Hope wonders in the air of the unknown and the wishful thinking. Faith is presence and life; the healing power of it all.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome Back

Where are You Today?

Yesterday I was drowning in a crossroads, trying to solve one of those unexpected trials life puts on us to challenge our character. That was yesterday and I came out of it victorious and full of new insights and lessons learned. This is one of the wonderful sides of life. She gives us a tough day to remind us that we can’t take her for granted and then opens many more days of laughter and joy so we can be grateful for her gifts.

Where am I now? I am in the sunny side of the day, enjoying the fresh and warm air of the early spring days. I am back in the ground, touching the soil, planting my sunflowers with the innocence of a child, waiting anxiously for the day I would see the first flowers. Today, I left yesterday behind, knowing in my heart that everything is ok already and it will be better. I am celebrating that my son is back home and his unique self will be walking down the hallways again spreading his joy. Today, I trimmed my lavenders and fed my roses. I smelled the forsythias, and cut fresh rosemary. I opened my windows and let the light shine; I invited the outer world inside my home.

Day by day we make our path. How would it be? It’s up to you. Where are you today?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Spring

Happy Spring!!!

Today we celebrate the beginning of the long awaited spring. It is a wonderful time for new beginnings, hopes, and relationships. Everything flourishes. It is time for miracles and new visions. Rise early in the morning and prepare yourself for the excitement of life. Be grateful for what you have and what you think you still don’t. Wake up with an intention and live through it. Make the intention to be happy, to enjoy every minute, to give and share your precious gifts. Make the intention to open yourself to what others are willing to give you. Open your arms and your heart. Let the spring bloom in your soul and shine; always shine.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Waiting to Exhale

This was the title of what I call an insightful movie some time ago. Quiet often you see these kinds of movies that have the power to make you look inside, scrape your inner skin, and awaken that part of you that was asleep. It represents the power f unity and cohesiveness among women, no matter how different they are. This unity and oneness among them gives them the tools to surpass obstacles and model a brighter future where fears and tears are welcome as an integral part of life’s process towards the growth of the spirit. Unity, understanding, and unconditional love and acceptance; this is the key.

So this morning I woke up feeling the morning breeze and the tear drops falling from heaven. Along with them came a joyful feeling of awareness and satisfaction. I went back to last afternoon, when I had my colleagues over for lunch. I reviewed their words and laughter, the personal stories we shared. We all have our own. We create them through our beliefs and the heavy load we attach to our present and past experiences. All the stories were put together. On one corner, the mature lady who still feels the wounds of what looked like a happy, too long marriage that ended up in betrayal. Next to her the maker of illusions and silence, routine and more silence. Probable love and high maintenance life was sitting next to her, the no trust but I’ll take it anyway. Finally, the one with many years, the unpredictable, the one who have learned the rules and benefits of giving and loving, sharing, and rejoice with the blessings of the present because there is no thing like been here, now.

You see, all of us, men and women, have our own stories. Some hang on to them for too long, blocking the amazing present the magic of gift giving. Some others just live, day by day, embracing the unexpected because there is the magic and the miracles, and the secrets of life as it is.

By the end of the day, I was recharged with new energy. To see them unleash their spirits and be happy showed me that there’s nothing better than the good times we share. We have been together, through thick and thin for many years now. We have wiped our tears and picture our smiles. To feel a hug with many silent words on it made me understand that some things endure no matter the time or circumstances. To feel the breath of the one you love so close knowing that is so far and still rejoice in that feeling without pain or regrets reinforced my beliefs that love is the force that drives us and make us better and better every day, no matter where that love stands.

Waiting to exhale? We all do it every single day. We exhale our dreams, our love, our memories, our struggles, our own selves. How we exhale? That makes the difference between happiness and sadness. How are you exhaling your life today?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Truth about Magic

Magic is defined as any art that invokes supernatural powers. Supernatural powers are those not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws. Ever since I was a little girl I had a special interest in everything unknown, unexplainable, and weird. I was defined by many with the same words I have just used. The last word used to describe my personality was totally unpredictable.

Over the years I read many books, went to many workshops, met many people not by choice but because life drove them to me. I have had many of those weird experiences and learned how to live with them. With time though, I realized that the most powerful magic of all is the power of love; crystal like and unconditional.

It is magic when I can change fear into security, when I am able to bring out a big smile from someone who was in pain, when I have the supernatural power of filling someone’s heart with hope and trust.

Real magic is born from our will to stand up for what we believe and motivate others to do the same, when we can gather as a family and share our experiences in an environment of peaceful bliss. Magic is what we do every time we reach out to someone in need, when we live by intent and dream big with the assurance that every thing we need and wish for is already there for us as a gift from the divine. Magic is nature and every time we blend with her we are together doing magic for the whole planet and those of us who inhabit it.

We were born as an act of magic, living magic.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Child Within

I had one of the most amazing days today; the result of unexpected events and acts of spontaneity. Through the eyes, actions, and non-stop smiles of my high school students, I discovered the truth that most of us try to hide; we all carry a little kid within. When he is allowed to jump out and be free, he helps us re-discover the best of us. Time stop, there are no limits, no judgments, and no fear to be just the way we are. The rest of the world is just there. We inhabit our own dream where everything is perfect and we are not afraid anymore.

I saw my students sharing and cheering at each other like caring members of a big family. Their eyes were shining with joy and gratefulness. I saw myself satisfied. It is hard some times to reach out and touch these young souls. To touch them, reach them, be part of them, and feel them as part of my own life is one of my biggest satisfactions and a sign that I haven’t missed my purpose.

May all of us have the opportunity to reach out and bring back that inner child that could bring us hope and happiness!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Power of Your Passion

Last week I spent quite some time observing the people around me. For some reason I was on what I call my silent mood when, instead of talking and sheering, I decide to stay quite and observe without any kind of judgment or personal opinion. Usually, when I do this many hidden secrets reveal to me. I saw many faces and many of them would tell me different stories. This week though the stories were about how we lose our passion for what we do every day and how as we lose it, we lose ourselves in the way. I watched eyes lacking that spark needed to see how amazing simple things are.

One day there was this lady next to me. We were working together on this new project. All in a sudden she began murmuring and complaining about what she was doing. When I asked her if everything was fine with her, she just looked at me saying – “I don’t know exactly why I’m here doing this when I could be doing something else.” As we continue, I found out that she was growing tired of her job as a teacher, that she would have loved to stay at home because she loves gardening and painting; that she was ready to do something else because 30 years was enough of classrooms, students, outraged parents, and a system that does not seem to improve. When I proposed a change in her life, the answer was the one I already knew. According to her and the rest of the world, we are living tough times. She forces herself to stay in a place that is not part of her life anymore. She prefers to give up her true passion even if this means dragging every morning, complaining about what she does, and walk day by day knowing that her heart is not beating with enthusiasm anymore.

We had lunch together and spent some time talking about her, her family, her likes, and all those simple things that she would love to bring to her life. Her face was completely different, her eyes were glowing; she was even smiling while telling me how her portraits take her to another world and the satisfaction she feels when they are hanging at the neighborhood gallery, how energy takes over when working in the community garden she started along with some neighbors, and how useful she feels when working as a volunteer for the children home. These are her passions, the ones she is leaving behind because the economy is tough and she fears what a change might look like.

Long time ago I learned the hard way that life is full of opportunities and that we must follow our heart and put it into everything we do. I teach. I teach because that is my passion. I love to see the faces of my students. I enjoy listening to them, crying and smiling with them. I feel that been there is part of my mission here, part of that seed every one of us have to plant in many different ways. But, I have also known that if the day comes when I open the door of my classroom and instead of excitement I feel the shadow of “one more day here” then it is my time to move on and do what fills my spirit with joy. Yes, there always risks and most of us live with the fear of the unknown. If we don’t feel safe, we give up even before we begin walking a new road. What would be better, to live our dreams or to hide them under our fears, living our lives always wondering what would have happened if?

Our passion could take us many places. Passion is the fuel that makes us live to the fullest, create, live with joy, and spread this joy to those around us. A whole new world unveils when we dare to allow passion guide our path.

I have heard many times that we live by faith not by sight. Passion is that faith we have in ourselves, our dreams, our ability to make things different, to amaze ourselves and others, to do well, and make a difference everywhere we go. Passion is our personal guide, the hand reaching out to help us rise and shine. Would you give up that that could bring happiness to your life?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy For No Reason

It was a tough day. You know, those days when you have tons of things to do; a very long to do list. Then you find out early in the morning that there are a couple more things that have been added to your personal list and you have not even been consulted. What you thought was going to finally make your day changed abruptly and you are left with many questions and few answers.

In the midst of all you hectic day you stop and think. That’s exactly what I did, right in the middle of traffic. Pulled over, relaxed, took a deep breath, and allowed myself to let go. All in a sudden I decided to be happy for no reason. In reviewing my day, I realized that life has given me many opportunities to be a better me and do good; to receive support and give it to those who most needed it, to smile and make others do the same. What else could you ask for?

Just think for a minute. No matter how complicated your life seems to be right now, if you have the chance to open a door and walk gracefully through it while reaching out to those around you, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to create your own paradise where happiness commands. You have had a great day. If you can find the way to be happy for no reason then, every day turns into an amazing adventure. Life works for you because you have decided to be one with life, experiencing every moment with all your senses. Want to give it a try?

Have a Happy For No Reason Life

Monday, March 2, 2009

Long Life Secret Exposed

It’s a snow day meaning that I’m having a day off and am able to stay at home celebrating the white blanket on my yard and the sun trying desperately to melt the snow even when it is 25 degrees outside. It is one of those days when all your previous plans are halted by Mother Nature and plans b and c come into work. Isn’t that wonderful?

While enjoying this day, I was captured by a lady who was been interviewed in a local program. She was celebrating her 100 birthday with a joy is rarely seen; white like the snow hair, bright eyes, soft skin and an amazing smile. I wondered how her life had been, how many smiles and tears were shared. When asked about her secret for long life she simply replied: “Be happy and give abundantly.” That answered all my inner questions. I remembered my own ancestors. Both of my great-grandmothers reached the hundreds, walking, spinning, laughing, and most of all giving love and care to those of us just beginning to walk and explore life.

Be Happy and Give Abundantly. This should be a mantra for all of us out there who sometimes struggle trying to find some light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing around us can touch us if we are covered by the shield of happiness and the desire of giving and sharing our blessings.

May you be happy, abundant, and blessed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Phenomenal You

As far as I remember, I grew up surrounded by strong, one of a kind women, who seemed not to fit the conventional society of their time. I would look to my great-grandmothers, raising more than a dozen children by themselves with no high school diplomas, no stable careers or fixed income but a fierce determination and strong belief in their skills and what they had to offer to the world. I looked at my grandmother, a housewife, proud of her duties, proud of her voice which was heard and followed by everyone in the family.

These women, whom I call my divined matches, moved gracefully beyond the patriarchal society in which they grew. They had a clear idea of how important it was to think and take care of their body, mind, and spirit first in order to be able to take care of others. They planted new beliefs. They did what they wanted because in doing it they were beneficiating the rest of their family. They learned how to say no without guilty feelings.

I am proud of been part of this breed of phenomenal women. In fact, if you look back, we are all part of it. Then, these are my questions to you today. Take your time and be honest. See for yourself how phenomenal you are. Trace the steps you need to follow to reach that state of loving freedom we were all born to experience.

• Do you have a clear, life purpose?
• What is the fuel that moves you?
• Do you love and accept yourself the way you are?
• Do you ever say yes when you truly want to say no?
• Do you feel guilty when you do something for yourself just for the sake of doing it?
• What makes you feel happy?

Remember, the better you feel about yourself and with yourself, the better chances you have to become the woman you truly want to be. Acceptance is the first step. Forget about the wrinkles, fine lines, or that bulge around your waist. We are all a precious living history. We are all unique and phenomenal in every possible way.


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