Saturday, February 28, 2009

Embracing My Alpha Personality

I just recently discovered that I belong to that 5 percent of the population with an Alpha personality. Scientifically, an Alpha woman is a person who exhibits self-assurance, physical and most of all emotional strength and control, independence, courage, an extreme focus on goals, skilled in building community links and a great listener. This kind of woman does not fear to show vulnerability and has a holistic vision, which makes her a great team player. This is the official definition.
Now that I know where I belong within the annals of science, I have been thinking about how these traits, which by the way describe me perfectly, have helped or delayed my path towards my dreams. It has also been easier for me to finally understand the reactions people exhibit when they meet me.
Independence, for example, is something most women want but many fear. It has been socially established that women walk under the men wings for protection and survival. Probably, this could be the reason why many of my female friends admire my independent lifestyle while at the same time keep a distance from what they wish but don’t want to experience. So I get positive comments the same way I hear harsh remarks for been independent, single mother, do it all by myself, country girl.
They don’t know that independence comes with a high cost some times and it has not been easy for me to get here. While they dance between the sounds of complacency, I have had to literally make the sounds, tones, high and low pitches, and the lyrics that go with them.
Courage is another trait that you achieve through struggle and tough days and nights; courage to take risks without thinking on the consequences, just guided by faith and that feminine instinct that is not used as it should. It is the courage to start all over again, from zero, to step into the stones instead of been stopped by them.
It is not easy to be under the Alpha category. It is a new label I have to live with but in all honesty, this is what I know for sure and am proud of:

1. Self-assurance gives you the tools to believe in yourself and be willing to move mountains in order to achieve your goals.
2. Being a great listener open the world of understanding, empathy, and great friends who know they can count on you.
3. Having a wide and integrated vision helps you in exploring the world around you, accepting differences, and embracing the unexpected.
4. Emotional strength helps you in grounding yourself to your reality and see blessings and opportunities even among the worst scenario.
5. My independence is one of my most valuable treasures because it is based on the notion that we are all interconnected, that we can be independent without losing our contact with those around us, without feeling as part of the all that originally united us.

After all it is not that bad to be part of just the 5 percent of people who believe in life and its wonders, in caring through action, in fearless living because all my blessings follow me wherever I go, in the return to our community values that would help us become a better and bigger global family.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

People Say

People say that we stop loving when we fall in love again. Then love is endless, as it should be. How long does it takes to fall in love again so you can replace an old love? This is the way I see it. There is love, many kinds of love but always love. Then there is one true love that remains in our soul even when it is gone and another has come to fill that empty space. That is the one that transforms with time but never dissapears. It stays still like the serene waters of a crystal lake. It is transformed into many faces, words, and places. It goes through time untouched, always new and fresh. We move here and there. We trace our path and make choices. We smile at life and make others smile. We give endlessly because in giving we grow and become better. We wake up every morning, breath new beginnings, feel new emotions but that one love never perishes but nurtures our spirits and make us feel alive in the midst of time or distance. We enjoy our living nurtured by the power of that unconditional love. In that way, love is always endless. Enjoy every day with the purest of loves; for you, others, and that special someone who adds light to your own light.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arizona Dream

Awakening Messages

Just when we think we have seen it all, life comes running towards us to show us that knowledge has no limits and miracles are there every day. All we need to do is to be aware and realized that every breath we take and every word we say is spelled out for a reason.

Today I met a good friend. We were there getting to know each other, exchanging ideas and feelings about what this new venture could mean for me. By looking at her eyes I immediately sensed a pure spirit, a transformational angel reaching out to help others like me, on their way to create that new world we have been starving for.

My trip to Arizona was meant to be, not because I had to come here to take some college courses but because here I would discover a new face and meaning for my life. It ended up been totally different. I decided to change my major. I opened myself to new people, simple people who shared with me the stories of the mountains, the creeks, and the many warm moons of this desert valley. Through their eyes I saw myself back in time when I was living that simple life of the wild; when my happiest time was walking barefooted over the morning, wet soil while watching my grandfather milking the cows and my grandmother fixing breakfast. Their eyes were the eyes of my ancestors telling me that it is time to go back home, empty myself and be refilled with the woman I am meant to be.

On this day, I am grateful. I am grateful for the nice February weather of Arizona. I am grateful for Camel and Superstition Mountains which have been my morning inspiration every day. I am grateful for my new friends, Lynn, Ernesto, Cristina, Victor, Avi, and all those with whom I have been sharing life stories. You all gave me a reason to reaffirm how blessed I have been since the moment I opened my eyes to life.
Thank you, friends. May you be blessed.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Words From Camel Mountain

There is always a reason for everything in life; every sight, word, action, and path. These are the words I received from Camel Mountain during my stay in Arizona:

You are here to be reminded that there is a season for every divine purpose and a meaningful cycle for every earthly transformation. You came to be transformed and understand your mission. Be thankful for your gifts. Treasure your friends. Give gratitude to your elders, those who inspired you. Enrich yourself and the land that sustains you. Listen to the heart and soul of the earth.
  • Live with passion for there is nothing great that could be done without it.
  • Be at peace. Make Peace your choice

Messages come when they are least expected but definitely needed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Inner Voice

So here I am, ready to pack, take a plane, and write another page in my book. This time is Arizona, a place I have always wanted to visit don't ask me why. I have always had a kind of sense for places. If it doesn't talk to me is not made for me. The same thing happens with people, food, and places. Kind of crazy, right? It always work. It is like a secondary voice from within telling me go here not there, don't try this food instead grab this one, don't go there, stay at home or change your travel plans. This time is more business than pleasure but the fact that I'm excited about it means a good experiential forestcast.

Excitement made me wake up this morning with a big smile to my backyard trees. After a long interior sightseeing, walked downstairs, brewed my coffee and went back to check my emails and try not to plan my day so much. There are always some last minute things on the list before you travel. When I finally hit the road to take care of my today chores, I found myself waving at my neighbors and feeling the cool sun rubbing my skin while singing my favorite songs;one of those perfect days where we are reminded that no matter what is going on in the world, life is always awesome and worth living and sharing. My inner voice has been speaking to me all day, all my life since the moment I recognized her. She is constantly telling me stories, taking me to past worlds I once inhabited, showing me guiding lights I must follow, renewing my spirit in preparation for the wonders that are coming my way. Everything is good.
How attentive have you been?


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