Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Living 2009 With Intention

2008 is coming to an end. Usually this is the time we begin reflecting on all the things we have gone through during the past twelve months. Some of us fall into a deep sorrow looking back at the things we did not want and we question the reasons why we experienced those unwanted things. Many of us, on the other hand express gratitude for the many blessings we received and begin our dreams into the New Year.
The worldwide crisis might bring fear and uncertainty. As humans we can’t help thinking that what is around us will eventually touch us. Well, that is not always the case. I have learned that the more you devote your time thinking about anything, positive or negative, the better the chances that it will manifest in your life. How would you think about the coming year? What decisions would you make to create the year that you wish for? Here are my intentions for every day during 2009:

1. I love and accept myself every day because in doing this I’m honoring the opportunity to be here and share my blessings. I can not give what I don’t have and every meaningful relationship begins with love and acceptance.
2. I forgive myself every day because in forgiving myself I am announcing my ability to take responsibility for my own doings. In forgiving myself I can easily forgive others.
3. I don’t take anything personal. In doing this I embrace every situation as a learning experience to my benefit. People do not act against me but against their own. Everybody has their own burdens, their own minds, and reactions.
4. I release myself from any unwanted attachment. As humans we are driven my feelings and emotions but it is necessary to break the ties that attach us to others to the point that we are unable to live our own lives freely and get in the way of other people lives.
5. I see myself as a winner, succeeding and achieving my goals and enjoying the outcomes of my work and visions.
6. I don’t judge others because each person has his own mission. Do not judge if you don’t want to be judge.
7. I keep my thoughts positive and see myself as part of the whole. We are not isolated but interconnected. We need each other to have a pleasant life.
8. I am the person I want to be, the way I want to be, trusting that I am always guided.
9. I am happy, no matter what. Your happiness depends exclusively on yourself.

I have shared my intentions with you wishing you feel motivated to think or write down your own for the next year. Stick to them, even in times of trial. Believe in yourself as the source of your own greatness. Live your every day with intention and bring happiness to your life and the life of those around you. May your 2009 be intentionally filled with the blessings you deserve! Happy 2009!!

Aging Gracefully

“You get old when your heart stop beating and just because then there’s nothing else you can do.” My grandfather used to say that every time someone would refer to aging and how awful it feels some times. He lived eighty six years to proof his theory. His wife aged with grace, in between soft fabrics, baby cheeks always blushed, and a mild pink on her lips.
In many cultures around the world aging is the sign of the wise, the pick of maturity when all the skills and knowledge of life come together. In some others like our western, modernized culture, aging is seemed as decay, the end of life itself where fun, adventure, and even love is not allowed anymore.
The ancient people knew better and we lost that knowledge. For the Pagans, there is a Crone, the wise women. She deserves respect and reverence after undergoing and successfully experienced all the stages of life. She is the voice of wisdom, the counselor, and the teacher. She exemplifies dignity, grace, and youthful beauty through her wrinkles and age spots. She is the perfect balance of life itself.
I like to apply this stage to both men and women who have gone through life living it to the fullest.
In times when we are in so much need for guidance it would be enlightening to pay attention to our elders and listen to their messages of wisdom. It would be beneficial for all to embrace aging as the highest virtue and profound gift to be shared with those facing the many challenges of the present world.
Aging is not to be feared, not to feel sadness with the images we see reflected in the mirror. It is to be celebrated. It is the sacred moment given to us to be grateful for the many nights and days we have been able to enjoy. It is not to retrieve and spent our lives in front of the window observing how days goes by, but about daring ourselves not to let our inner child perish. Aging is the time of expressing the love that consumes; the supreme feeling of unconditional giving, where love is simply what it is, without chains, excessive attachments, or conditions.
Knowing that her time on this earth was coming to an end, my grandmother looked at me while holding my grandpa’s hand, the same hand she had held for more than half a century. Tears of joy ran through her still blushed cheeks when she said these words: “This is all it is. Life is meant to be lived. Always embrace every moment.”
At forty four I am decided to follow her advice. I went through my Maiden stage with no regrets. I am enjoying the joys and sorrows of the Mother and with the first signs of the passing of time; I am fully prepared to become the wise Crone life wants me to be. I am aging gracefully and in a total grateful state.

About Me

You know me. I am a woman like you. Mother, daughter, lover, friend, professional, and all the other titles and roles women play. I have grown over the years through highs and lows. Today, I enjoy living my life to the fullest, day by day. I am grateful for my blessings and honored for been here. I love to share and listen. I love just to be me, the woman I am now.

This blog was born to share my writings, through which I express my daily experiences and the many things I have learned through this awesome journey we call living.

We are here to be happy, to be loved, to express that same love. We are here to realize that we are all ONE, we are beautiful beings of life, we are part of the universe and she lives inside each of us.

That's me, living out loud. Be blessed and enjoy!!


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